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Constable Pheasant (Self-Released 2018)

   The Goose and The Crow musical arrangements did by Steve Christie and Louisa Revolta as a dou couple whom portraying themselves as the agents performer on Alternative Dark Humour-Cabaret and Music Hall comedy as well as the live performance on piano, mellotron, harmonium,harpsichord and deluxe organ to drums foley fx or tin whistle, recorders with violin by Kath Roberts and Simon Wilkins on cello.
   Releasing this gloomy goth-tinged and dusty antiques purchasing collector with witty lyrics and dressing up their old choice of clothing haunted new forest country of UK scene over this self-titled album. The Goose and The Crow producing their sixteen songs which all are not surprisingly, harmonic and odd by sounds related to make your elevated minds of liking the darker shades of eerie and creepy situation went ablaze quickly within the listening for more contents like The Organist, Erotic Hallucinations Brought about by Prolonged Exposure to a Toolbox and The Ballad of Elton John , Knitting onto Rooks, Nancy’s Lament and One Cigarette in The Dark. Did somehow a reluctant sensuality smells scented spreading pretty well to seduce the men and women in absurd addictive living views delivered.

The Goose and The Crow: