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Collide Worlds (Universal Records 2000)

Jason Bieler features as the lead vocals asking Pete Dembrowski on guitars, Exreme es bass player Pat Badger and Rick Sanders behind the drum-sets to completing his newer aggressive melodic sounding band for these Miami’s Super Transatlantic as the next exhibit e bit farther away from Bieler’s occasion previous rock bands on the first releasing record for the group off the record - Shuttlecock.

Sounding closer to the likes for The Smashing Pumpkins meets The Cars meets emotional Modern Rock punkish methods by comparison to be listened here – the thirteen tracks available as arranged, recorded and composed by them truly, spreading fresher musical companion for you to finishing the last miles on came home saver after the unlucky incident somewhere closely far and the attractive front cover shall rising your market media interests for artwork photography displaying sexy girls and Florida’s background holiday inn as well as the blasting melodious harmony cracking distorted rocks on the stereo via Dumb, Lied, High, She Moves, Satellite and 7 Hours or Wonderful might reminding us for the late broadcasting modernity wave on Rock from either Sugar Ray or The Police (on highly steroid addicts) and promised that their songs will abruptly, lifting your problems out away fading !!!