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Cokane Drug-Bug (Self-Released 2014)

   Things controlled to be shown inside the television tube from advertisement, selling products, dumb artists to the reality fake series remarkably made to your pleasure entertainment really messing your minds up.
   Electronic Alternative beats and Dance-able noises with the touch of Industrial Rock rhythmic available just taken from the angst of Killing Joke or Ministry vibes gone wrongly Pop-ups good to listen as the scratches and the Hip-Hop tunes bangs in middle mild tempo as the topics mayhem filling out the entire hangar-sized aircraft huge rhythms performance by Christopher J. Connely and Jason C. Novak bridging the gap of waxtrax compound collections superb powerful like Cocksure because through the tracks-listing like sexual-dirty-glittery-abnormal music sounding alarms for Ah Don’ Eat Meat Bitch!, Alpha Male Bling, Skeemy Gates, Silikon Suckaz to Cock Ripped to The Giddy Tits non-relevant over the gentiles ears of whites listening to the trash-can noise bleed group inside TVMALSV.