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Co-Dependent’s Day (Ernest Jenning Records Co. 2016)

   Collaborating the talented member musicians of Catherine Herrick, Geoff Morrissey, Jake Fiedler, Jamie Zillitto, Mike V, Scott Zillitto or Stephen Chopek or sometimes Sarin McHugh & The Everymen; releasing the third albums entitled These Mad Dogs Need Heroes on a probability, as the naughty tales of childhood representations off these Tuckerton, New Jersey band describing it just like a fitted melodies and memories written through the lyrics and harmonic tuning sound of tracks explaining why under-aged couple taking picture as the burning bushes may causing trouble and the evidence hold in one hand of Rock N’ Roll pretending about things will be okay as Chum Pt. 1, Oh Sweet Lucia, Nick Lower, Christglider, I Woke Up or My Pretty Green Eyed Carolina Girl obviously – stretching the likes of lovely romantic loss themes saying ‘No One Seems to Matter to Me” …

These Mad Dogs Need Heroes: