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Cloud Else Anywhere (Syco Music/Epic 2011)

   Lucky for being mentored by Simon Cowell for the UK X-Factor series finalist days in life for this Witham, Essex – England finishing second place but having the later on brighter shiny musical career is Oliver Stanley Murs or Olly Murs to the MTV generation of the new millennium might loving him for appears to the Pop-world over his performance on this album - In Case You Didn't Know which can be describing as almost brilliant which reminding us for a younger and whiter version of Stevie Wonder having the releasing second records sparkling the powerful vibes on Pop-Funk, Dance Electro, Soul and Rn’B sounds written and composites exactly for him to be fitted singing in via Dance With Me Tonight, This Song is About You, Tell The World, Just Smile all the way through I’ve Tried Everything, Heart Skips A Beat as well as I’m OK must be a parade of songs that likely becoming good singles or even hits in the near future.

Happy hours won’t be spoiled when Olly Murs music is in the house ! 

In Case You Didn't Know: