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Clairvoyance Harbinger (Gates Of Hell 2017)


   Shredding the heathen pagan basic beliefs and medium fast drum-beats within their actual music mayhem continuity forwarding the attacks or marches of the army troops of Heavy Metal speed tempos and riff-age sharpen like knife’s edge altogether forming these Lempaala/Tampere group Legionnaire of Finland’s Thrash Metal militia with Frans Kivela on bass, Lord Peter MacLeod (guitars), Aku Tiensuu (guitars, vocals) and Akseli Haara the drummer for the Dawn of Genesis full length album releasing on the originality sounds taken from the time machinery products back in the eighties era fulfilling the wrath causes and prime determination towards the while snow tiger riding escalating the battles against smaller humans community and ravage the places and communion under your conquering red sky panorama which blasting the epic songs of war wrath themes through Enigma of Time, Shadow Upon The Metropolis, The Guardian and Olympian Aegis – drawing some blood on the swords or axes as the defeated enemy kneeling down or scattered dead around your tall feet.

Dawn of Genesis: