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City Of Halt (Mass Media 2014)

   Chicago-based for Dark-Wave, Anarcho-Punk, Cold-Wave and Gothic Rock to Post-Punk crew performance playing on Beyond The Pale – as come colder within Benny Fernandez, Gabriel Perez Diaz, Jim Lacy, Julian Cabrera to Keelan McMorrow and Jessica Skolnick trying to run-away from their reality realm with Post-Punk Gothic Rock beats passionate to be expressed as artistic and sorrowful as they wanted to have via Pray For Rain, Sleepwalker, On Rubicon, True North, Caesura or Volkslied.

Thus howling, moaning and whispering low-baritone voices may share Population (the band) envisioned particles to us for the loss of hope – perfectly, blossoming desperation …

Population's Beyond The Pale: