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City Awakes Crisis (UMG Recordings Inc. 1999)

   Craig Armstrong composing the lead instrumental soundtrack for psychological thriller story in The Bone Collector directed by Phillip Noyce with the help from London Session Orchestra led by Cecilia Weston begins with the tragic reality for the expert quadriplegic detective Lincoln Rhyme teaming-up with a patrolling female cop – Amelia Donaghy in solving the murder-strings connected to the signature serial killer acts loves to removing single shard of bones from the victims as our paralyzed forensic experts must encouraging Amelia in order to be his everything in the field of investigation outside from being eyes to the feet. Posing killer disguising as a cab-driver in NYC abducts the targeting victims just like married couple Alan and Lindsay Rubin from the airport – ended up for Amelia finding Alan’s body buried under an old railway bed with the collecting clues of pieces ground oyster shells as then, leads Amelia but too late tin saving Mrs. Rubin being tied up at the steam junction underground services as she scalded to death and the killer again removes a bit flesh and bone from her as well a scrap of paper on the scene.
   Leading later onward for Amelia and Rhyme to an old crime novel replicating as the next victims of grandpa and granddaughter tied on a pier as tide rises kill the grandpa but the little girl still can be saved; confusing hard to solve criminal cases it is but the collectible evidence such as bones, old police badge to the old subway map and asbestos led the investigation further deeper to an abandoned subway station where the old police badge belongs to Rhyme as he being after by the killer whom arrives to his house and kills the nurse Thelma reveals to be a medical technician equipment guy Richard Thompson aka Marcus Andrews a former forensic from Syracuse. 
   The Bone Collector filled with fine thrilling scenery within the dark-side of NYC closely related to the instrumental tracks on the original motion picture soundtrack carrying Race Against Time, Working The Evidence, Seizure onto Mackenzie or Pier Pressure leading to Underground and Final Confrontation as the six years prisoner Marcus planting evidence and sending six people to jail but Rhyme’s article accusing him and successfully, sent him behind bars erupts the old vengeance with the struggling Marcus and Rhyme and biting and droppings finished by the exact shot by Amelia whose arriving quick before Marcus stabs the detective. 

Starring Denzel Washington and Angelina Jolie - Rhyme and Amelia’s Love Theme celebrates the Christmas time at the apartment with his family and new relationship implied.