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Citra Natural (High Octane Productions 2007)

   Not the reality bikers in their presence presented but more to the drunken Southern/Stoner Rock and Metal alliance from these Jakarta’s finest underground turning superstars group of a quartet consisting of Edy Khemod, Arian13, Sammy Bramantyo and guitarist/writer Ricky Siahaan stomping in to your territory and make things sounded not like it used to be but away from that parts – the group naming themselves Seringai are here to cementing their existence with the more advance sounds and higher techniques via this special package recording debut through Serigala Militia (Tour Edition) full length album.
   Recording their eleven tracks opening by an introduction over Berhenti di 15 continues with Psikedelia Diskodoom or Amplifier as well as more socio-politic themes being pressing in solid towards the band’s absolute performance struggling against the fundamentalism and exclusive-ism among many Indonesian hating another or the majority put their oppressing power among the minority as well as the injustice for human rights via Mengadili Persepsi (Bermain Tuhan), Menelan Mentah Semua in tak akan Bertahan Lama or Skeptikal and Marijuanaut – told your ears about and smacking your heads to coming back to the human consciousness within the brawling bash-bikers rocking and Stoner Metal anti-mainstream interference !

Serigala Militia (Tour Edition):