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Ciocarlia Rapsodia (Bandcamp 2018)

   Live from Arelene Romane, Bucharest as exceptional Balkan orchestra music blending through Folk-Music, Nu Metal World Music and Rock or Metalcore combines via the originality sounds based on the heritage culture from the traditional Gypsy perspective combination within the old and modern ways various unique as Dirty Shirt’s faster tempos sounded chaotically breaking the barriers of the overture tones with the composition members of Dan “Rini” Craiun (vocals), Robert Rusz (vocals), Mihai Tivadar (keyboards, guitars), Cristian Balanean (guitars), Dan Petean (guitars), Pal Novelli (bass), Vlad “X” Toca (drums) and Cosmin Nechita (violin) caught their moment over the announcing of themselves as best Romanian metal band from Maximum Rock awards as well as the Rock ambassador and Wacken Metal battle acts just like the expressive aggro-metallic recording traditional meets Folk Metal and Progressive via FolkCore DeTour. Twenty tracks recrdoing by the band with Ansamblul Transilvania over the unique and fully attacks bombs songs like Cobzar, Dulce-I Vinu’, Manifest, My Art, Hungarian Dance No.5,Mental Csardas, Balada as well as Saraca Inima Me did the works for shocking the audience within fantastic moves on this recording (like S.O.A.D decided to embracing Bohemian-based sounds more) and creating more Moneycracy erupts thicker and smarter for giving traditions much chance on the melodic harmony old dance of the non-believers !    

FolkCore DeTour: