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Chesterfield (Lakeshore Records 2017)

   Heavily arming militia from the Southern states decided to declaring the next civil war on the american soil once again with kinds of well-planned invasion through the northern cities and crowded population of immigrants like this one on the directing by John Milott action thriller - Bushwick movie where former US marines medical corps and janitor accidently must teaming up with a graduated female student for surviving the entire chaos and rioting condition among their neighborhood situation turning violent and exploded in minutes by many civilian casualties, snipers on the roof, martial law declaring and street-vigilante wipe out by the white-terrorist group against the U governments authority. Lucy lost her boyfriend Jose to an explosion down the subway stairs while later must running away from black uniform troops starting to kill people on the streets while sniper targeting others within gang-violence teenagers after her and attempted to rape her on a basement turns out to be the helping big fellow Stupe trying to go out to Hoboken for his family – stuck together in order to survive the deadly chaotic situation encountering their every steps over blocks with thick smokes, people screaming, gunshots and sirens.
   Original Motion Picture Soundtrack composed by Aesop Rock which did a very intense and thrilling recaptures within thus scenery for the couple to retreating over blocks by blocks through thus instrumental Electronic music for New Yule, The Church 1, Mashed Potatoes onto Corner Store or Raiders; as the destruction systematically of Bushwick, Brooklyn area known to be a Dutch/German community mixed with many immigrants including Hispanic, blacks and jews witnessing the worst ground invasion they ever seen. Mercenaries troops sweeping buildings one by one, schools and the street blocks while Lucy grandma found dead already but her female cousin Belinda – an erotic dancer and a junkie still alive and rescued with them. More Blues Jazzy compositions emerging via the fight on the streets after the meeting with other surviving groups stronger to unites against the intruder troops and armed enemies for Sharks and Minnows, Riot Riot or All Fall Down but as the communities fighting back to reclaiming their streets; unlucky, Stupe whom already getting closer to Lucy as good friends by sharing his background story must ended his life to the gunshot of a hiding teenage scared teenage girl on a toilet inside the laundro-mat basement knowing that they can die trying to reach the DMZ point where US military extracting non-combatants on Grover Cleveland Park crossing the waves of militia on heavy arms with James and his mom and brothers. Lucy and Belinda forcing themselves to a one last attempts closer enough to getting saver place before a headshot stops Lucy’s runaway as she surviving some shots before it – leaving Belinda in her hysterical bursting condition being dragged behind the DMZ lines - away from the war-zone ...