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Changes Say Rules (Bandcamp 2011)

Not your Grungy desperate but a final solution perhaps, praying within the Pop-tunes tinged well behaving for sing-along and easy-timing spend out over a boredom boring bore situations the world has given towards you presence. Today the sun is shining bright and for some it’s freaking hot but not to you – dude; because Spencer Sult playing live with couple of his friends on I Don’t Have To Worry recording kinds of releases carried by the artistic name called Generifus.

As the relaxing guy with red hat playing his electric guitar upon the cling-cloudy high barely, to seriously thinking about commercialism but best buds time performance and written tracks like you might listening to simply softer on Pop-courage through Sold, Back Seat, And I Tried, These Leaves as well as Waiting or Good Graces. 

Feeling like Olympia, Washington wrapping around you such of its warmth friendly music project …

I Don't Have To Worry: