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Caviar Chitlins Spanish (Lava/Atlantic 1999)

   Composites for Bunkley on vocals, James Bostek (trumpets), Tony Buccilli (trombone), Duke Kingins the guitar player, Shawn Scaggs on double bass as Eric Schabo doing the tenor saxophone, Geoff Kinde (drums) and Randy Sly on piano even until the band demise – still the distinctive retro sounds of The Atomic Fireballs pronouncing the process the group’s s Americanizing Rock n’ Roll, Rhythm & Blues, Swing onto Jumpy Blues explosions reacting higher harder as the second releasing album of themselves releasing the groovy sweaty dancing Velcro of female smells and sensual attractions to be made due to the listening of these rhythmic recording within the pleasure flops via Man with The Hex, Mata Hari, Lover Lies, Pango Pango, Hit By a Brick, Starve A Fever as well as Calypso King may penetrates to forcing nobody to stay alert as no more sitting time permanently available as the music started to booming the situation after the evening weather melts within seconds since Torch This Place turns on …

Torch This Place: