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Carried Pet Island III (YK Records 2016)

   Ross Wariner making his alias not really recognizable as the releasing of his fifth album recordings so far through Cocoa Beach did introducing back again the Ambient Electronic as being produced by self-inflicting Uncle Skeleton by the semi-independent movement music within the helpful string arrangements by himself, mixed by Derek Garten, Wesley Slover and Ross Wariner as mastered by John Baldwin and great artworks creatively made by Michael Eades beating in harmony mid-tempo elegance throwing Pop-culture to the better placing spots via Handy Looky (featuring Wayne Kee), Rubicon (featuring Nahnee Bori), Sasask, Now and Then onto A&O or Last Leaf presented clearly as a following up to the much better future for these New Wave tinged musical and warm Salsa-like stumbling magic as you listen carefully paying attention and enjoying the clear sunny day up your head.

Cocoa Beach: