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Carnal’s Urges (Screamworks 2013)

   A second sequel from the first supernatural horror-drama follows the failure recovering of a catatonic possessed and traumatized Nell Sweetzer was found squatting looking mean on someone else kitchen soon being hospitalized and housing insightful under the treatment of therapist Frank girls board-home in New Orleans where even though Nell then also settling as a worker on chambermaid hotel and improves for no longer having bad dreams but it seems that the previous demonic power keeps on stalking her presence daily later on.
Within her new girlfriends there: Gwen, Daphne and Monique she witnessing strange things occurs to her sights such as masked men watchers as well as her personality changed darker as well as the hint that Abalam demon is back to find her. 
The Last Exorcism part II telling us the next chapter after the wood’s occult ritual and demonic baby born to the killing of the team of ministry preachers before to the realm inside the Mardi Grass festival towners scenes and the girl’s compound witnessing a unnatural seizure killed one of the girl continued within how the nurse Cecile introducing Nell to The Order of Right Hand secretly monitoring her activity because they can sense the danger using their magical ability of herself, Calder and Jeffrey just on the same time Nell’s old footage demonic exorcism video surfacing the internet for public. 
   Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of this movie by the composer Michael Wandmacher truly injecting real terror and sudden horror within the dramatic events and the scenarios going forward until reaches the climax seeing the transforming finale for Nell into totally demonic possession – not the same person again as the tracks like Flashback, Seeing a Ghost, Something’s in The House or No Nightmares redrawn by Crucifix, Parade Dream to Weightless portraying how the force of evil spirits really haunting and terrifying to deal with even you got yourself protection spells and ritual to exorcising it but yet, something meant to be triumphed against good intentions and as the fire burning starts to flaming up the building and the order members thrown out from the window dead; the audience will watching Nell’s coming out walking to get into the car grin viciously as she blown up the whole town and burning it one by one as she passing through the street not as human anymore …