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Canopykeys Tulips (Inner Ocean 2017)

   Collection of Memory in beats or representing childhood thoughts from time to time kept in each written tracks foremost to be self-presented by the Chill-Out/Hip-Hop beats/Lo-Fi and Trip Hop instrumental-like ambient from Oatmello realm recording sessions here that you can afford to listen carefully.
Some might sounded relaxing and others may causing the burst of sudden tears as well – as the mixture of blending emotions may spare the inner guilt or the moment of shame ever existing onto yours but the beats in relaxation shall coming in to cleanse the side-effects after record filtering hear section finished. 
   Through Hands, Wun For The Trees, Pushup, Fresh with Mei, Coco and Playground did whispering some vocals tuning over it out as the world’s eyes getting heavy to sleep at night that normal day …