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Camisole (Moniker Records 2018)

What Royal Brat did with their planned releasing cranking album sounds like it is on Eyesore through insightful as crunchy riffs, guitar works melodious onto urgent empowerment carved as both queer and femme force like vocalist figure on Alex Uhrich prevailing from facts over sexual assaults or pivotal narratives activity as Pop-Punk, Noise-Core Queer-Punk and underground of Minneapolis.

Over the lipstick, Shannon the bass player, guitarist Clara, eye-liners, fake eye-brows onto poisonous spiders anthemic themes on rage and angst of the youth for not being true to be themselves must be extensively promotes through the songs of disturbance like Bug, Swim, Taxi, Full Tilt Duster onto Gut or Snowball and Virgin. 

Getting weirder and well-rebellious all the time …