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Burn Brighter (Third-I-Rex 2017)

   Led by Florian Mallet playing the guitars/vocals with his troops of Avignon, France Doomy Sludge Stoner Metal band Mudbath: Luke (drums, vocals), Marco (bass, electronics) and Mika (guitars, vocals) refining their crushing years within the tales to the lyrics songs particular as a brand of destructive blending mix of Hardcore, Black Metal and Thrash Core to Doom-Rock – clever enough to caught the attention for the music scene within thus heavy-bassline or tainted-Sludgy hints on blackening core of wrath tempos not deserting through the second recording releases via Brine Pool; blasting the most explosive eruption for melodies and barks roaring metallic sounds through either Seventh Circle, Zone Theory or End Up Cold.

Recorded and mixed by Mathieu “Mouffi” Croux drawing vivid portrait surroundings.

Brine Pool: