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Brain Without Born (Independent 2018)

   Groovy funked-out but not too decent to be calling a non-motion less Grungy to Alternative Contemporary orchestration and string-arrangement type thing presentation to make the duo of Simon Martinez (guitars, bass, vocals, keyboards, bingo, shake shake) and Zane Shields (drums, percussion, vocals, aux boom, keyboards and bongo) can deliberating sounds of the almost complete measuring possessive tense of present day without too much sensation but hints of allegation, enchanting energy and sleek tuning of an original strain experimented raunchy debut for banger or bigger/better purposes listening time.Jazz-tinged techniques, Garbage Pop, Brainer Rock and huger beats as well as Electronic to a pimp-liked future wimp for now baptizing to the name of Pulgas over them as a project musical.
   Abstracting a subtraction or fusion over these second effort of themselves; The Run Around, I Always Need A Good Night’s Sleep, Burn Me Down, So Many Dead onto Going At It Again and also The Future is Now did a divided mind-blowing included expels on thus ordinary ideas to be assured lifting higher for more good reasonable method of rhythm and attraction of the lesser known – knot through the record here – Open To Most Things !