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Boots On Put Your (Domino 2005)

Inspired by the archduke racehorse at the winning in Northumberland plate ten Franz Ferdinand’s born as the discussion over another archduke that been assassinated which starting out WWI – the music of these Glasgow’s fine Indie-Pop Rock as unique as the you wanted the less-commercial recording with more significant factor as the third albums release within the performance of Alex Kapranos, Dino Bardot, Julian Corrie or maybe Paul Thompson and Robert Handy completing the line-up solution as the dancing silly beats kept airing from the playable track-lists due to thus wiser titled for You Could Have It So Much as the intense staccato riffs and funky guitars; mid-tempo rhythms as well as odd vocals sounded too proud for being luckier singing The Fallen, Do You Want To as their hits single release; semi-punkish UK boosts over the Pop-based This Boy, Walk Away or You’re The Reason I’m Leaving – must be the Indei lovers anthemic shouts out telling the rest of the world that the archduke is dead – long live the sound of good music of Pomp-Rock !

You Could Have It So Much Better: