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Bone Chapel (Relapse 2017)

   Crushing Grindcore sounds that’s going to rip-off your fucking heads with total head-bangers as these Richland, WA crew – The Drip which consisted of Shane Brown (drums), Brandon Caldwell (vocals), Bobby Mansfield (guitars), Talon Yager (bass) and Blake Wolf (guitars) remarkably breaking the atmosphere with the deader tension of screamo-grind riffs or the smart title elegantly, endorsing destruction and superficial horrific terror themes within The Haunting Fear of Inevitability as the rawest crust elements of violence and empowering D-Beat reacts through Gruesome Poetics, Covered in Red, Wretches, Blackest Evocation or Consigned to Fate derailed by Terror War industry carries the plague lyrical abusive of the world by the hybrid leaders and doomsday prepers mounting their supplies with man’s ego.

The Haunting Fear of Inevitability: