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Blood By Bound (Mass Media 2015)

   Early burgeoning after the 90’s of peace Punk movements back in Orange County also spawning the following bands like Private Pact for releasing Purity – a combination of Neo-Folk Anarcho Dark-Wave to Industrial Gothic Rock ambience through their tenth tracks of sorrow mystified system visionary collections illuminates like the sacred logo triangle around yourself here on the songs of sadness glooming like Anthropology, God’s Secret Army, The Valley, Everything and Violence – as the vocals whom sounded like Nick Cave and The Bela Lugosi’s strings arrangement seems to be creating a featured creatures marches along the intensive beats performed by Danish New Wave crew from Copenhagen: Jonathan Pedersen, Julia Popova, Arjuna Thomassen and Martin Jessen commencing the audience to kill themselves after the record stops.

Afraid of the effects that might infecting you like others did as well ? 

Be afraid … Be really afraid …