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Bleach Wealth (Six Thirty Recordings 2016)

   Defines the energetic heavenly Progressive Psychedelic Heavy Rock non-popular but may taking your imagination farther-higher to the paradise island smokey weeds burnt effects as the parallel universe seems to be attached by the performance play by Agha Praditya (vocals), Gingwah Brahmantia (guitars), Aan Triandana (bass), Bayu Krisna (guitar) and Ayrton Maurits Willem (drums) praising their emotional scream-ager personifications over the great local networking traditional Blues-Rock meets Heavy Metal a’la Black Sabbath right from under these five-piece rockers off Bali, Indonesia.
Meet your favorite Hendrix solos clashing with total furious-ity formats from Grunge plus Thrash-Core and Rock N’ Roll bursting force towards the band naming themselves  - Rollfast trying to experiments the good old beer-blast/ear-noise products and Motorhead’s biking rebellion onto something more sociable, spiritual or reactional to preserving mother nature’s power within the band’s lyrics spells venturing the bleakness of younger generation to interacts to them via the album called Lanes Oil, Dream is Pry. 
   Releasing tracks of wisdom like Multiple Desert, Falsome, Baby 69, Nudetilt to Destination: Death may connecting their traditional beliefs and heritage to the modern right way of westernization above Heavy Rock music. 

Try them and you won’t regret a bit, dude !

Lanes Oil, Dream is Pry: