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Bellicosi Market (Not On Label 2013)

Like the children of Tom Waits holding the empty bottle drunk a little bit as Craig Schumacher (Claexico, Giant Sand) mixing the recording as these Montpellier, France’s Cabaret of Bastringue Rock or Languedoc-Roussillon-background influences playing the excessive accordion-ruling melodies and other live instruments for being Le Skeleton Band on the releasing for La Castagne album – all written lyrics definitely, in their own proud mother language with some small parts of inclusive tracks for English like A Kiss Would Be Nice or You Said while the rest are French but beautiful as always for us to listening to the language spoken or singing here for the album. We have Jolie Tendron, L’Ingenieur Malade, Coquette, L’Anonage as well as Ossamento Tripot. But listening to them further more deeper – it’s not only the dark magic hearted lines lying there sensually warmth but also some mre English-based international tunes like G.O.L.D and Marvellous Punchline striking your ears with gladness of quiet slow dancing (even though the outside party drinking turns violent and absurd) before the French kisses leading the couple farther to the occupied bedroom – captured by sudden lust romantic…

La Castagne: