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Being Thoughtless (Lakeshore Records 2012)

   While comedy mixed with horror may causing furor among the water park attendance with the tales of the year after the Victoria lake massacre by piranhas whilst the eggs and seed-breeds of ferocious swarming fish-eating prehistoric fishes begun to invading Cross lake as farmers and dead cows would be their feasting starts. Marine biology student Maddy whom returning for Summer vacation found out that her step-dad Chet plan to adds an adult-themed section to the water park only to meet her ex-boyfriend policeman Kyle and Barry as well some close friends Ashley and Shelby with their boyfriend soon also found themselves doomed to be eaten and devours by the piranhas inside the lake with the scary fun about how the killer fish finding its way went in to a girl vagina before biting off the penis of her boyfriend while having sex or the secret of pumping water source for the water park from an underground river as well as the appearance of Deputy Fallon or former cameraman from the previous attacks last year to David Hasselhoff as a celebrity lifeguard will burst some laughs. All the party-goers, hot babes, bikinis and sexy scenes before the terror horrific attacks of the swarming piranhas may also caught your interest to watch the movie – Piranha 3DD with soundtrack tunes of various artist like Twirl, Marcus Latief Scott or Automatic Music Explosion brought us the tracks with modern beats like Very Busy People, Open Ya Mind, The Impatient The Imprefect The Impossible or Flaskaboozeenddancingshoes that lighten up the day splashing water and sports of wet-activities before everything went chaotic and bloody freaking mess with piranhas biting, chewing, devouring and eating human flesh around the place turning the place red but Hasselhoff saving a little boy or Fallon’s prosthesis gunning legs saving some visitors right before the idea on pouring chlorine into the pipes followed by lit joint resulting the explosion that kills most of the killer fishes hilariously horrific fun with dead bodies and visitors taking pictures of the piranha queen last attack.