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Beige Slime (Vacant Stare Records 2017)

   Hate the Pop-tinged Lo-Fi or Garage Punk attitude within no further points for you to maximize any seconds that counts through thus quickie self-titled album created by Evil Twins as a brainchild from Stevie Shakes from Unity Skateboarding and Trevor Straub (Pookie & The Poodlez/Nobunny) sticking like a gum towards the not always wonderful gem of collectible recording alike this debut form a secret bathroom of the west engineering mixture tracks coming through a sonic silly punkish songs of Squishy Squish, Sweaty Faces, Top Dog Queen, Punks N’ Jocks or John Hughes Jam that perhaps, doesn’t last long but stays within your freak-out feelings every-time you feel stress completely one more time.

No affiliations needed to listening for this album - even, if you straight or gay ...

Evil Twins: