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Behemoth Oddball (Bandcamp 2014)

   Alvin on drums/vocals, Max the bass guitar basher and Mykel the lead guitars and vocalist as well as their special guest for acoustic strings Ron McGregor looks familiar to dragging these trio of Heavy Rock Stoner Doom riff-makers from Milwaukee – Wisconsin introducing themselves as Vega with the releasing of self-titled album amazingly, may not torturing the older listeners and the Bluesy Rock lovers to be the group’s fans after listening to what they’re about to radiating over these ten tracks self-written and progressive bash-head bangs rhythms towards Machine, Highway, Sick and November to Spider as being mastered by Carl Saff. Perfect retreat on the retirement onto your classical weekend beer drinking backyard barbecue after the hard raining for seeing those wet-shirt females washing the cars up with their tits and ass visible to the audience and the space feels empty and dry by the heat.