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Beeper Speeds (Costa Communications 2007)

   As the attack of an unknown giant creature near the UN forensic site of Burundi mass-grave of the Tutsi/Hutu tribal civil war events on a female British anthropologist leads journalist form NYC newsroom Tim Manfrey assigned to travel with reporter Aviva Masters to dig some sort of legendary history about a mythical yet real existing of a fierce giant killer croc monster named Gustave as well accompanied by Tim’s friend Steven Johnson and herpetologist Matt Collins with the secret plan to capruting Gustave alive. Soon to facing troubles with the official authority of Burundi for the unrest area and warlord’s named Little Gustave attacking the villages around it but with the help of Jacob the hunter and local shaman blessings (and) fake phone-calls – the small team departs to the nearby lake swamp with couple soldiers.
John Frizzell did his tremendous scary/creepy and intense instrumental soundtrack tunes over this inspired by the true story of the most prolific serial killer in history’s Primeval original motion picture score right from the beginning of Happy Village turning to quiet terrorizing place after the river side attacks of the giant killer crocs on fisherman’s boat to small children or the introduction to some flashback story around Gustave legend by Jacob the hunter on At Krieg’s House; Krieg’s Pain to What Happened which also follows by the next thrilling scares events via Jojo Alive, Shaman’s Head, Humping Cage which is very suspense while waiting in danger through I Hate Africa, Lekker Fish or Matt Gets Killed within thus sudden attacks near the water’s edge experienced by the team crew with Aviva almost being raped after knocked out by two local soldiers on a tent as Tim and Steven luckily saving her as well themselves but Jacob fails to exploding Gustae with the grenades in his hand being devours alive by the beast. 
   The meeting and shoot-out opens up with Little Gustave men did make the group splitting as the end results being messy as the fact told them about how Gustave and other crocs begin to taste the human flesh by the shaman’s story feeding over the substance of dead bodies and victims from the civil war. Realizing that the first authority person they’ve met earlier as a disguising Little Gustave himself – with his led soldiers went in to the lair of giant croc with Tim and Aviva for tracking the evidence videotapes from Steven’s camera but ended up devours by it. Tim stabbing the beast with machete in the mouth while stuck itself on the range rover window and defeated. The team then went home after gets medical treatments as the Burundi civil wars ended in ceasefire. 

Gustave still alive and killing people through the rivers there …