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Bartender (Rough Trade Songs 2017)

   Americana Indie-Folk Country Pop and Rock softer sounds made by the Seattle, Washington pleasure gained groups of musicians playing the written materials on self-experiences or the cultural events over the urban to suburban to rural and remote areas around – spreading thus romantic feelings on being low-profiled and down to earth humans as Silver Torches facing the tons of melodies and harmony vocals and musical instruments played by names like Erik Walters (vocals, guitars, bass, synthesizers), Sean Lane (drums, percussion), Andy Park on piano/synth/string arrangements, Jonathan Warman for bass/guitars onto Greg Leisz (pedal steel), Noah and Abby Gundersen for vocals and strings performance through the recording album of sweet memoir taste of present, past to the near future predictions off these beautiful record entitled Let It Be A Dream.

Romantic lyrics but did not sounding commercial more realted to either Tom Petty, happier version of Neil Young to the Folk-Pop Alternative sides over CSN harmonies working for If I Reach, Like A Child, At The Lantern, Half A Heart or Nothing To Show seems to be wiser, bold-er and well being feed by faithfully hopes …

Let It Be A Dream: