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Barrels Hand-Eye (Varese Sarabande 2015)

   For all the arcade video-gaming geeks whom didn’t win championship; don’t be obnoxious because Sam Brenner also being defeated unfairly by Eddie Plant in Donkey Kong but as the footage of many events included in a time capsule launched into space by NASA – the UFO aliens came back to attack earth by filling up that challenge. Galaga or Centipede games being chosen for the battle test against humanity as turning everything into glowing small cubes with Brennan now summoned to the white house by his dear president and old gamer friend Will Cooper with Ludlow “The Wonder Kid” Lamonsoff (whom dying to married the fictional character from the game – Lady Lisa. As being approved to be assisted by the marines troops with Lieutenant Colonel Violet Van Patten (a divorcee with one son, Matty), Admiral James Porter and SAS officer Corporal Hill co-working together within the agreement from President Cooper and British Prime Minister after Taj Mahal being destroys into cubes by the alien fleet; Violet develops the light cannons effective enough to fight the aliens in London as the field operation attracting many spectators mistakenly, being told for a beer commercial advertisement shot. Pixels: The Movie (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) with Henry Jackman composing the orchestra-instrumental tracks sounding interactive for children for all ages to listening to over Conspiracy Theory, Level 2, Pest Control, Call in The Cavalry, The Archaders onto Invasion did much to expressing how funny and hilarious the casts of characters comes alive and being originally, entertaining between the story-board and the scene editing with high technology CGI that’s really turning your imagination on as our local heroes helping London or New York battling the good turns bad Pac-Man that eat the creator of itself but later being confronts and defeated by Brennan and Eddie Plant but one of them did cheats over the supersonic speed revealing the alien to send the mothership and abducting Matty. From the winning trophy Q*Bert the team learning a massive attack is underway onto Washington D.C As Ludlow fighting on the ground; Brennan and the others beaming up the spaceship facing the leader in form of Donkey Kong into hardest level. Friendships, trust and loving family restores Brennan confidence to hammering Donkey Kong to self-destruct, saving earth from threat as peace agreement being reached Eddie apologizes to Brennan his life-time game opponent as Q*Bert transform to replacing Lady Lisa; Violet gets Brennan and Eddie meet Serena Williams and Martha Stewart in a white house room and Ludlow having small weird children with Q*Bert …