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Any Given Sunday (Vertigo/Capitol 2016)

   Electrifying their audience with Adam Grahn (lead vocals/guitars), Hannes Irengard (guitars), Per Andreasson (drums) and Jonas Almen (bass guitar) trying to continue their energetic Rock n’ Roll inspiring mixed with Garage Rock under the influences from names like Mando Diao or The Hives whose coming before them and already becoming one of the most wanted bands off the list over Swedish radio stations sticking more for another success via the latest releasing studio album on the neat Weekend Man productions still as being the same group – Royal Republic and cranking some of those simplified and rebellious tracks of fortunes via Kung Fu Lovin’ My Way, Uh Huh, Walk!, Follow The Sun onto People Say That I’m over The Top just like the keep on head-banging crazy party continues within American Dream or Playball as Royal Republic ruling their own build-up country based on greater Rock N’ Roll and Pop trashy culture options this new millennium. 

Weekend Man: