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Anthrax Say Hi (Atom H 1989)

Perhaps, introduced themselves as one of the first metallic old-school Thrash mayhem crew from the former USSR singing all lyrics in English as well as writing their armageddon, society thoughts and issues of the cold war world to self-destruction with stage names of Antonio and Miguel Garcia but the members are all Russians.
Fast toasting rhythmic blasts and high frequency solos bursting up louder and speeding while the vocals repeated the screams and full-length debut recording of Shah (the group) releasing theirs – Beware. Eight tracks of devastation may strangely, rules your stereo system to smokey and reminding you little less about Early New York underground scene meets the Metallica-Saxon-Venom coalition by chance to knocks you out using the double pedals and more severe kicks via Coward, Bloodbrothers, Save The Human Race, Age of Dismay and Threshold of Pain. 

When Soviet’s commies of Moscow once to be sounded this tough !