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Ambition Astronaut (Bandcamp 2016)

   An Ambient or Post-Rock instrumentalist-based sessions best in used before it’s too late invalid and gone as the unit hailing itself from somewhere far inside the once thick and dangerous but now – deforestation areas around Palangka Raya, Central Borneo on the Indonesian’s Kalimantan province-side. Just because that this is not coming as a products from well-known places off the archipelago like Jakarta, Bandung or Bali; doesn’t mean that the essential sounds must be non-thoughtful or not too good for a taste on curiosity by you or any other Ambient/Post-Electro musical explorations and experiments just like what Kliverryum would do here on their - Momentiums mini-session or e.p album releasing with three calibration materials as the first works effort from them to make your ears feeling weird or strange in hearing about.

We got to try those opening song: Anatomy of Coffee Syndrome that may being important subjects for those whose desperately wanted to erasing their addicts over it but others might re-considering this track as a good hallucinated fascinating re-search on knowing the effects and the realm for many coffee-lovers to rely on. 

Sleep with Sound of Rain probably also a good choice on exploring the three minutes more experiments of sound closer to the once a heart of Borneo.