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Ain’t No Hat 4 (Star Trak Entertainment 2013)

   He doesn’t look that too young to be attractive but as well not (of course, way) too old to moving his ankle or even his hips to dance within the background of basic Soul/Rn’B-tinged sessions and being the son of two actors celebrities Alan Thicke and Gloria Loring; Robert Charles Thicke or Robin Thicke joining the brave compilations and organized the helping hands to Artists For Haiti as well as longing over his own personal career as a singer did pretty well since the first recording starts but not until when the time we all reaching to Mr. Thicke’s brilliant recording for Blurred Lines then we would realizing a great combination on Funk, Hip-Hop and Soul burns the dance floor as well as his voices reminder for the older folks about worshiping Brian McKnight, Jordan Knight and friends era but carrying the different beats of new millennium modern tempos not to hiding anymore. 

   Radio stationed and more MTV favorites may listing some of his tracks here like Take It Easy on Me, Ooo La La, Get in My Way, The Good Life and Give It 2 U – splashing the sparks and the seductive dark intentions for anyone whom lurking for having sex rather just had a fun time tonight using this energy that pumping rocks your libido up ! 

Blurred Lines: