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Activist (Bandcamp 2016)

   French connection project or group presented as Salomon Heritage within the recording displays here on Kibir La Amlak feat. I Jah Salomon – Joshua’s Anthem/The Riddim Activist feat. I Jah Salomon – Horns of Jericho (Extended Play) altogether arranging these musical recording based on four seminal instrumental meets praising Gospel glorifying on vinyl Reggae-roots and Dub flashing your imagination back to the past ancient Mount Zion, Israelism or Yehuda roots tales by the common taste of modern historic Rastafarian/Jamaican collective sounds tribal that mixing these tracks like Kibir La Amlak featuring I Jah Salomon – Joshua Dub as well as Joshua’s Anthem (with I-Jah Salomon on saxophone) as the quality cultural to taste featuring the good examples of Reggae musical production and religious spirits within it.