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A Family Thing (Gold Circle/IFC 2012)

   Stockbrokers David Hargrove a bit in trouble to have a date with the pretty co-worker Emily Brandt whom resigning from the MPO position on that Christmas eve offered to drop home by David as well as other co-worker Corey whom forcing David to stop at the automated teller machine for cash to buy pizza within this Horror-Thriller story cenreting those three persons trapped by the psychotic hooded and menacing figure while the unlucky David spites by parking distance away from the booth making Corey to walk a bit only to find his card is having problems as encounters by joining David and Emily saw the hooded figure the first time in parka coat lurking, watching them from outside undetected as the three of them trying to getting back to the car as suspicious spreading over that strange creepy hooded man to be a robber trying to get in but can’t without a card. Then shit happens as the hooded figure kills a walker with a dog as the attempt to phone-calling for help left on their car seats; as the ATM terror movie continues with the hooded figure shutting down the heater inside while the outside the weather is freaking colder. David offering to negotiate on their own safety by giving the hooded figure $500 and earrings and watch while getting quickly running to the car only to find that the wires severed and the car broke.
   Chasing by the hooded man and unfortunately, drop his phone escaping. Attracting assistance by using the lipstick written down for help sign on the booth window by Emily didn’t really work out until a security guard found out the freezing three persons inside the booth as located and trying to call the police for back-up but suddenly, being beaten up badly with a tire iron from a car trunks to death making David, Emily and Corey stunning in shock witnessing the brutality violence as one hooded person entering the booth subdued quick by David and Corey reveals only a dead janitor leaving Corey to go out frustrated but caught and then stab by the hooded man. Not many songs to collect but eerie scary instrumental music building in the terror and struggles but still manage to have The Rosebuds arranging tracks for Christmas thrpugh Oh It’s Christmas as well as the credited composer musical making by David Buckley and performance by Rick DellaRatta. A car slamming the booth as well David’s car breaks them down as the improvised Molotov cocktail by David burning the dead corpse on parka coat not the hooded killer; while the police arrive and caught David as the crowded scene being watch by the hooded figure among them – showing the police through the surveillance camera that the murdering plan actions is seems to be planned by David only as he was framed successfully – as the hooded man later going back to his place and planning more similar attacks on another mart, farm-house or booth on a map as his appearance still unseen.