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1974 07:00 (Pink Tank Records 2018)

   Stoner/Doom/Sludge metallic experimenting rocking group members aborted from Singapore’s underground section scene with the unique compositions of Muhammad Azri (bass), Nicholas Ng (guitars, vocals), Nicholas Wong (drums, vocals) and Rasyid Juraimi (guitars, vocals) turning their trained high-techniques blasts of medium tempo on Stoner Metal that could bang your stereo system on the hotter sunny day to make you conscious under the spells of enormous riff-age and slashing standard drum bashing within the recording release for Till Marijannah rightly courtesy of the same band’s name – Marijannah.

Another dimension of imaginable filth and scary strange things of hollowed tortures being display as well as the unsure conditions surroundings the view of the damned taken or abducts there by the unseen power of hell awaits in four tracks recording through either All Hallows’ Eve, Bride of Mine or 1974. 

One may feeling great for head-banging longer and will taking this band pretty much seriously attractive to tell the old world that the future they’ve seen might be horrible !

Till Marijannah: