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Curtain Stop (Not On Label 2000)

   Modern commercial Indie Pop-Rock and boosted teenage-based musical themes which sounded like the mixing of Donny and Mary Osmond, The Brady bunch Family and softer Alternative music lust preventing you from stop listening to it; as the primary artists – Bachelor Number One existing after the demise of the old previous one group before it and being engineered by Mark Getten to John Carter with the lead figure performer consisting of Scot Sax (bass, drums, piano, vocals, writer) and Debbie Weisberg (vocals background) within their abstractive influences heavily provided by the likes on The Beatles, The Partridge Family and melodic harmony sixties initiative music products according to the blissful tracks listed here for the only one album of The Mini Series for Your Are, Earth and Sky, The Great Decide, The Discrimination Between Blue and Green or Down; classically sounding flattery, penetrating and romantic to make your after hours of midnight hungry delivery worth a waiting as this music making listenable medium on your stereo.


Finale (Bandcamp 2015)

   Rivne, Ukraine Sludgy experimental metallic band with members of local rock-heads genius performance on duty: Alex (vocals), Dima (guitars), Denis (bass), Roma (drums) and Koyla (saxophone) over this unique formations affiliated mainly their Post-Rock, Polyphonic melodies as the creating chords of guitar meets saxophone fixing their recording session by the releasing of Phoenix by the name of what they’ve chosen as Selma. Six minutes or eight minutes more duration longer or even twelve minutes and counting still – did manage to displaying Selma’s authority on performing the deeds of experimenting via Wail, Filth or Path.


Rowan’s Riding (Downwarde Spiral 1995)

   By the midst of nineties collective recording arranged and releasing by these Somerset’s Folk-Rock group named Blyth Power as the English musicians members like Joseph Porter (drums/lead vocals), Annie Hatcher (keyboards/harmony vocals), Steven Cooper (guitars) and Jerry Hatcher (bass) off Harrogate been completely written down lyrics and making music artistically, for Paradise Razed which blending Alternative Pop-Folk and Punk music into acoustic plus piano-tinged tinsels rural atmosphere stepping in the arch-bishop ruling crown by the social-values situation and problematic living of the upside down people.
Signalman White, Carlisle with Rachael Swindlehurst on backing vocals onto Milton’s Schemes, Winter’s Tale, Cold War Comforts and Cry Carrion relapsing thus past and presents to kissing the season goodbye and having the surrounding the unique than just another ordinary local Pop-Rock group.

Paradise Razed:

A Death (Abduction Film 2014)

   Music composed by Blitz/Berlin based on the script by both Vicious Brothers on the science-fiction horror movie Extraterrestrial or used to be called The Visitors; telling the story about strange case of alien abduction stroke April and Kyle her boyfriend in a cabin on a remote forest-edge inviting others like Seth, Melanie and Seth’s girlfriend Lex as being pulled of by sheriff warning them about well-behaving continues with smoking and drinking as Kyle proposing April but she rejects. Later on some weird things happen as the crash nearby the woods being investigated as what seems to be an alien spacecraft as footprints leads away from the site suggesting them something alive still. While returning the group encounters one of them as they’re shoot one of them; driving for help to town but a tree blocked the road as giant spacecraft overhead them and abducts Lex while others flew to Travis place whom later giving the group a glimpse of real information about US government and Roswell incident treaty theory with the abduction for humans by aliens; government left to clean up is mess but if they’re engage to human or get killed – then the aliens shall hunting down the kids – as they’re going back to the cabin while Travis fighting the incoming alien attack raiding his territory. Seth is arrested for shooting the officers mistakenly for aliens finding that Sheriff’s wife also missing by abduction. 
   The aliens raiding the cabin and abducts Seth, leaving panicking Melanie overdosed by sleeping pills; April still trying to fight them and realizing Kyle being taken by them as well signaling fireworks to attracting the spacecraft and being abducted as well. Selecting tracks of creepy instrumentals like Where You Go I Go (April’s Love Theme), Into The Dark or The Magnetic Fields to Crystal Castles did their songs like Baptism or The Book of Love as the movie rolls; to the tragic end where the couple toss-down back to earth; landed safe covered with dark thick liquids only to encountering US Army who executes them with reigning shells confirms about no surviving witness as the dumping bodies pit filled up to be incinerated, the military closing the area and operates the cleaning up confirming suspicions on the hiding existence of Extraterrestrial cover-up.


Repulsive Reactions (Bandcamp 2016)

   Splattered things like innards and intestine creature mixed the Finland demo tapes of Grindcore Punk Thrash Metal recording grinds up your hearing senses as the ten minutes on pure worshiping production matches origin extremity you would appreciate after listening even though it’s too fucking soon as like Entombed crew did their rehearsal with thus Napalm Death members here for Harsh Demonstration… by Sonic Poison. Some favorite tracks includes: Carbonized, Hoarders of Annihilation to Noisy Graves and Miserable Death.

Harsh Demonstration:

Fender New (Independent 2014)

   Wicced Sarah is the average terms explaining about the reality of Hillbilly Garage Music and Custom Guitars of a dark brooding dose of Prank Metal homebound or bedroom recording from your stupid Doom and gloom sounds imaginable to be heard here on this Heavy Metal releasing via Rockabilly Staind – an instrumental sounds album with perhaps, older/new technique combination played under the name project off the Midland, Texas recorded using squire bullet or 4th custom six strings as rebellious as sexy as possible but behind the lame experiments noises play and such tracks like Nothing Left to Leave You, Oklahoma Groove or Looking For The G Spot – lies something wicked that way comes.

Rockabilly Staind:

Slukad Forintelsens (Nuclear Blast 2001)

   Within the manic distance present days on combining some project massive Black Metal compilation recording where the members of Hypocrisy plays numbers of different instruments away from their main previous group for The Abyss must be a changing sounds to the audience ears which combining the two releasing albums of them from the mid era of nineties extreme underground days music as The Other Side/Summon The Beast turns up becoming something more dangerous than just totally changing artworks which describing what Black metal/Death Metal really is all about. From each old materials recording album like The Other Side and Summon The Beast that revealing ritualistic cult and hatred vengeance blast-heavily towards the brutal truth themes on TjanareAf Besten, Massacra, Morkrets Vnadring, Blessed With The Wrath of Evil, The Hymn, Cursed onto Feasting The Remains of Heaven recommended for those whom seeking the beasty background reasons to slaying your weak neighbors along with their family as mutilated within bloody weeps did well performance from Mikael Hedlund and Peter Tagtgren’s chaos madness creations.


Boots On Put Your (Domino 2005)

Inspired by the archduke racehorse at the winning in Northumberland plate ten Franz Ferdinand’s born as the discussion over another archduke that been assassinated which starting out WWI – the music of these Glasgow’s fine Indie-Pop Rock as unique as the you wanted the less-commercial recording with more significant factor as the third albums release within the performance of Alex Kapranos, Dino Bardot, Julian Corrie or maybe Paul Thompson and Robert Handy completing the line-up solution as the dancing silly beats kept airing from the playable track-lists due to thus wiser titled for You Could Have It So Much as the intense staccato riffs and funky guitars; mid-tempo rhythms as well as odd vocals sounded too proud for being luckier singing The Fallen, Do You Want To as their hits single release; semi-punkish UK boosts over the Pop-based This Boy, Walk Away or You’re The Reason I’m Leaving – must be the Indei lovers anthemic shouts out telling the rest of the world that the archduke is dead – long live the sound of good music of Pomp-Rock !

You Could Have It So Much Better:

Caviar Chitlins Spanish (Lava/Atlantic 1999)

   Composites for Bunkley on vocals, James Bostek (trumpets), Tony Buccilli (trombone), Duke Kingins the guitar player, Shawn Scaggs on double bass as Eric Schabo doing the tenor saxophone, Geoff Kinde (drums) and Randy Sly on piano even until the band demise – still the distinctive retro sounds of The Atomic Fireballs pronouncing the process the group’s s Americanizing Rock n’ Roll, Rhythm & Blues, Swing onto Jumpy Blues explosions reacting higher harder as the second releasing album of themselves releasing the groovy sweaty dancing Velcro of female smells and sensual attractions to be made due to the listening of these rhythmic recording within the pleasure flops via Man with The Hex, Mata Hari, Lover Lies, Pango Pango, Hit By a Brick, Starve A Fever as well as Calypso King may penetrates to forcing nobody to stay alert as no more sitting time permanently available as the music started to booming the situation after the evening weather melts within seconds since Torch This Place turns on …

Torch This Place:

Once Corner Begin (Nonesuch 2015)

   Are fortunately, Dan Auerbach, Leon Michels, Richard Swift, Homer Steinweiss and Nick Movshon with Kenny Vaughan or Mariachi Flor de Toloache calling this project of Alternative Rock as The Arcs within the releasing hipster melodious harmonically hetero lyrics within the pressuring lives problematic went to left behind a bit late but really meant to be as Yours, Dreamily brought its Latin-tinged but comparable for the more Californian tension beats like the seventies Pop getting raped by Indie Rock Garage for too long inside the basement only to escaping for giving birth to this musical project album dragging more tracks to openly, shared to the realm outsider visionary through Everything You Do (You Do For You), Stay in My Corner, Nature’s Child onto Velvet Ditch, Come & Go, Searching in The Blue, Cold Companion or Pistol Made of Bones – carefully, telling the listeners about an immediate danger being spreading within Pop-cultural melodic by periodic over thus american-basic thoughts for slower beats themes and good vocals display and artworks to capturing the interests of public on this …

Yours, Dreamily:

Outlet Inner Militant (Roadrunner 1998)

   New York City troops of the New-School Hardcore with the outfit core members opportunity floats toward these roadie for legendary Bad Brains/Cro-Mags vocalist John Joseph impressively, resuming the credits as included guitarist A.J Novello, Eddie Coen the bass player and drummer Pokey as the stage shows giving something that reminds the crowds about how once the New York HC quarters used to be the main characterizing beats of the underground for Big Apple hearts as signing in to be recognizable as Both Worlds releasing the debut recording on Memory Rendered Visible as the modern clashing between high-tech world today versus the ancient Hinduism deity beliefs comparable by clashing tight as the two dimension met featuring Cornered, Hate Mantra, Spiritual Flu, Free Speech (Will Cost You) onto Mode of Ignorance or Karma Inc. might given the exact exhibits to your ears on the established non-mainstream violent music of the street gangs New York on the late ninety-eights !

Memory Rendered Visible:

Chamunda Leech (Nuclear Blast 2006)


Bringing successfully of their harsh lyrics and heavy grooves in-tolerating the international changes as recognizable as Gypsy traditional mixes on Hardcore, Trash and Max Cavalera’s influential anger over the naming Ektomorf founded by vocalist Zoli Farkas of Hungary, Mezokovacshaza deliberating the audience through the total bashing powerful groove-style more melodies elements collecting the fan-based exclusively through shows and radio performance long before the fitted releasing of the band’s eight albums of Outcast.

Within the formations of Zoltan Farkas (vocals, guitars), Csara Farkas (bass guitar), Jozsef Szakacs (drums) and Tamas Schrottner (guitars) combining Nu-Metal, Hardcore Thrash and violent beats onto the rhythmic tempos that devastating like the such flammable cracker stuff from Korn or Deftones or Ill Disposed within We Rise, Red I, Who Can I Trust (Prayer), I’m Against as well as I Choke and Fuel My Fire; Ektomorf’s Outcast gives you the quite learning study on the last heroic of the unknown or lesser appreciated good music to fucking explosive against the wrong moves of the late nineties legacy to the next generation whom addicted to brutal mid-tempo of violence for this !


Fist Remember Same (Revelation Records 1997)

   Highlighting within their Alternative Grunge and Modern emotional Rock out sounds over the Seeing Thing album being released in the middle ending of the nineties era with Ed Brown, Kevin Lynch and Mark Vecchiarelli starring on the group’s line-up as producing tightly by Descendents/All’s power-drummer methodical brainy member Bill Stevenson for these presentation over Shades Apart melodic Hardcore music on Cathode, Fearless, Second Chances, Hiding Place, Getting Over It onto Behind The Wheel non-repeating but exclusive to makes your head banging hard following the anthems on a sing-along temporary show picturing the themed lyrical and background of your teenage angst or summer endings badly towards the subconscious questioning oneself just like a portraying hunter spider waiting for the prey silently, solitude but having a blast inside by torturing loneliness must be fought right as Modern Rock providing such an Alternative decisions on hope and fate colliding altogether within rhythmic beats and distorted solos no being smartly wise.

Seeing Thing:

Collide Worlds (Universal Records 2000)

Jason Bieler features as the lead vocals asking Pete Dembrowski on guitars, Exreme es bass player Pat Badger and Rick Sanders behind the drum-sets to completing his newer aggressive melodic sounding band for these Miami’s Super Transatlantic as the next exhibit e bit farther away from Bieler’s occasion previous rock bands on the first releasing record for the group off the record - Shuttlecock.

Sounding closer to the likes for The Smashing Pumpkins meets The Cars meets emotional Modern Rock punkish methods by comparison to be listened here – the thirteen tracks available as arranged, recorded and composed by them truly, spreading fresher musical companion for you to finishing the last miles on came home saver after the unlucky incident somewhere closely far and the attractive front cover shall rising your market media interests for artwork photography displaying sexy girls and Florida’s background holiday inn as well as the blasting melodious harmony cracking distorted rocks on the stereo via Dumb, Lied, High, She Moves, Satellite and 7 Hours or Wonderful might reminding us for the late broadcasting modernity wave on Rock from either Sugar Ray or The Police (on highly steroid addicts) and promised that their songs will abruptly, lifting your problems out away fading !!!


Vals Deep Forest (Edition Milan Music 2006)

   Summer of fourty-four in Spain took place on this fantasy dark drama named El Laberinto del Fauno or Pan’s Labyrinth movie story background the five years after the civil war of Francoist era with Falangist Captain (and stepfather) Vidal hunting for Spanish Marquis rebel/followers narrating the life of little girl – Ofelia guarding her pregnant mother getting increasingly ill – Carmen in bed of their house accidently, leads her to meet several strange magical creatures as the doorway to the parable universe influenced by fairy tales capturing your attention following this particular great movie within the affections from roman mythology or greek deity – Pan confusing Ofelia lives at first only to testing her courage and trusts over him for helping the time in needs as numerous international awards acclaimed to win by Pan’s Labyrinth as the tales goes on continues as a large stick insect taking Ofelia into a stone ancient labyrinth being surveillance as well by Mercedes and Pedro supporters of the rebels working on Vidal’s house as well.
As the Faun creature given Ofelia her first task retrieving key from the giant toad’s belly as a mandrake root living to easy Carmen’s illness under her bed being placed by the faun as the second task leads Ofelia to entering a scary underground cave where she needs to retrieving a dagger from pale creature without eyes as a child-eating monster as she mistakenly, consuming grapes on the dinner table awakening the ferocious pale humanoid chasing her even she almost fails to escaping. Stepfather and captain Vidal torturing captive rebel then realizing rebel collaborators around him as well caught Ofelia tending the mandrake root and throws it to fire sending Ofelia in panic and Carmen dies in agony painful contractions for giving birth to a baby son. As Ofelia being locked, Mercedes also captured as a spy, being tortured but escaping by stabbing Vidal – rejoins her rebel army. 
   The faun returns to tell Ofelia to bring her baby brother to the labyrinth; as Vidal on the chase on her the faun needs to opening dimensional portal to the underworld using innocent blood off her brother. Pan’s Labyrinth scoring musical composed by Javier Navarrete within its twenty-one songs did marvelously a great accompanying musical instrumentals over the movie by reacting closely rooted within every scenes showing as feelings of the audience might mixture in various within Rose Dragon, The Fairy & The Labyrinth, Three Trails, The Moribund Tree & The Toad; A Book of Blood, Guerrilleros, Not Human onto The Refuge – endings the cruelty Vidal moves after fatally shoot Ofelia while talking to invisible creature inside but later surrounded by rebels and killed by Pedro as Mercedes helping the wounded Ofelia to the altar inside the labyrinth as the drops of her blood spiraling centered opening the golden throne room as the faun pronounced her as the queen of the underworld - ruling it as Princess Moana with her mother and real father as she dies but then rules wisely as only being visible to those who know where to look in the human realm. 


Wybie Bobinsky (Koch Records 2009)

   Coraline Jones is a young explorer within her curious, resourceful, intelligent and courageous girl whom finding her inside a creepy adventure on the other dimension of her life as her mom and dad being too busy most of the time and little inattentive while her dad keeps busy working on computers even though they’re caring about her but daily lacks of attention makes Coraline irritated only to play with her black cat but very sarcastically helpful on the other side on her mentoring the wiser thoughts to keeping her saver as the villain from another world – taller, thinner, long black hair and button eyes with extremely long twitchy fingers; long dark-nails with the other father trapping Coraline to stay there before turning into grub-like as challenge for her cannot be winning by orders of the wicked other mother because even she cannot creates but she can copy, twisting and change things from the real world to constructing them into her own dark version as Coraline must getting out escapes and stopping the other mother from taking controls her family and life completely as offering the little girl a better place to living afar from the boredom family like her parents.
   As Bruno Coulais’s (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) for this children screen scoring instrumentals with contemporary nursery rhymes did the exact feelings attached between vulnerability among fun tales, creepy and suspense thrilled within Exploration, Installation, Dreaming, The Supper, Fantastic Garden, Trap for The Mices, Sirens of The Sea as well as Sprink and Forcible or Ghost Children needing help from Coraline all three of them trapped as the other mother kept their souls but being rescued to avoid their fate with the mirror game obstacles by the helpful lucky stone from Ms. Spink escaping to the real world with the key as well defeating the wicked button-eyed tall lady-spider creature as she being locked back to her scary other dimension. 

As Coraline woke up meeting her beloved parents and having her neighbors on the meet and greet garden party at home. 



Barrels Hand-Eye (Varese Sarabande 2015)

   For all the arcade video-gaming geeks whom didn’t win championship; don’t be obnoxious because Sam Brenner also being defeated unfairly by Eddie Plant in Donkey Kong but as the footage of many events included in a time capsule launched into space by NASA – the UFO aliens came back to attack earth by filling up that challenge. Galaga or Centipede games being chosen for the battle test against humanity as turning everything into glowing small cubes with Brennan now summoned to the white house by his dear president and old gamer friend Will Cooper with Ludlow “The Wonder Kid” Lamonsoff (whom dying to married the fictional character from the game – Lady Lisa. As being approved to be assisted by the marines troops with Lieutenant Colonel Violet Van Patten (a divorcee with one son, Matty), Admiral James Porter and SAS officer Corporal Hill co-working together within the agreement from President Cooper and British Prime Minister after Taj Mahal being destroys into cubes by the alien fleet; Violet develops the light cannons effective enough to fight the aliens in London as the field operation attracting many spectators mistakenly, being told for a beer commercial advertisement shot. Pixels: The Movie (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) with Henry Jackman composing the orchestra-instrumental tracks sounding interactive for children for all ages to listening to over Conspiracy Theory, Level 2, Pest Control, Call in The Cavalry, The Archaders onto Invasion did much to expressing how funny and hilarious the casts of characters comes alive and being originally, entertaining between the story-board and the scene editing with high technology CGI that’s really turning your imagination on as our local heroes helping London or New York battling the good turns bad Pac-Man that eat the creator of itself but later being confronts and defeated by Brennan and Eddie Plant but one of them did cheats over the supersonic speed revealing the alien to send the mothership and abducting Matty. From the winning trophy Q*Bert the team learning a massive attack is underway onto Washington D.C As Ludlow fighting on the ground; Brennan and the others beaming up the spaceship facing the leader in form of Donkey Kong into hardest level. Friendships, trust and loving family restores Brennan confidence to hammering Donkey Kong to self-destruct, saving earth from threat as peace agreement being reached Eddie apologizes to Brennan his life-time game opponent as Q*Bert transform to replacing Lady Lisa; Violet gets Brennan and Eddie meet Serena Williams and Martha Stewart in a white house room and Ludlow having small weird children with Q*Bert … 


Sticking Hugger Tree (Rhino Records 2007)

   Confronting unplanned pregnancy and subsequent events of her teenage-minded of independent character on pressures on reaching adult life for this drama-comedy as coming of age Juno receiving acclaiming for its movie soundtrack for chart-topping number one by limited release as being criticized over the praising and threatening treatment over its pro-life and pro-choice as your perhaps, favorite various artists compilation musical being there on the soundtrack lists like Belle & Sebastian, Buddy Holly, Barry Louis Polisar onto Cat Power as well as Mott The Hopple singing their classic and newer songs for reflecting Juno MacGuff Minnesota’s high-school story over her longtime admirer Paulie Bleeker discovering their sex-attempting activities resulting her early-pregnancy meeting some agreements or protests from people around her towards the local clinic, women’s group, pro-life vigil, within variety factors to lead her leaving or decide against abortion, give-up the baby for adoption or providing a suitable home and established life – all giving confusion and headache to the young mind of Juno to thinking them over daily. Tracks like A Well Respected Man, Dearest, Tire Swing or Loose Lips (Kimya Dawson), Superstar, All The Young Dudes onto Sea of Love within thus Indie-Folk, Country, Alternative Rock and acoustic Pop sounds given such an impression on the process of knitting relationship within Juno and Paulie day by day – from just a kids flirting and crossing borders to face pregnancy at earlier ages; upcoming prom and the loves forPunk Rok and Horror films onto the helpful couple Mark and Vanessa Loring until Juno finally, giving birth to a baby boy in a hospital comforting him and cries on happiness and other mixture feelings due to that precious moment. Vanessa becomes the baby single adoptive mother later on as promised while the summertime ends with Paulie and Juno playing guitar, sing and kissing.

“If you’re still in, I’m still in framed noted by Juno for her beloved baby boy.


Ciocarlia Rapsodia (Bandcamp 2018)

   Live from Arelene Romane, Bucharest as exceptional Balkan orchestra music blending through Folk-Music, Nu Metal World Music and Rock or Metalcore combines via the originality sounds based on the heritage culture from the traditional Gypsy perspective combination within the old and modern ways various unique as Dirty Shirt’s faster tempos sounded chaotically breaking the barriers of the overture tones with the composition members of Dan “Rini” Craiun (vocals), Robert Rusz (vocals), Mihai Tivadar (keyboards, guitars), Cristian Balanean (guitars), Dan Petean (guitars), Pal Novelli (bass), Vlad “X” Toca (drums) and Cosmin Nechita (violin) caught their moment over the announcing of themselves as best Romanian metal band from Maximum Rock awards as well as the Rock ambassador and Wacken Metal battle acts just like the expressive aggro-metallic recording traditional meets Folk Metal and Progressive via FolkCore DeTour. Twenty tracks recrdoing by the band with Ansamblul Transilvania over the unique and fully attacks bombs songs like Cobzar, Dulce-I Vinu’, Manifest, My Art, Hungarian Dance No.5,Mental Csardas, Balada as well as Saraca Inima Me did the works for shocking the audience within fantastic moves on this recording (like S.O.A.D decided to embracing Bohemian-based sounds more) and creating more Moneycracy erupts thicker and smarter for giving traditions much chance on the melodic harmony old dance of the non-believers !    

FolkCore DeTour:

Rendezvous Fool (Independent 2014)

   If you the big fans of My Little Pony (MLP) communion than you known that the Australian beauty glimpse of a singer by the name of Feather is one of the semi-influential and loyalist recording maker as delicately relaxing shows off the best full album in discovering her talents for singing just like the example here within fourteen songs on the track-lists like Mad Mares (Mad World MLP Parody) written by Ember Dash; Cupcakes, Tiny Spells onto Jealousy or Wave Hello and Look to The Clouds lining-up to illustrates about how good her vocals really sounded like. Brony community producing, song-writing ability strated from an amateur solo singer turning brighter as the role model of the Folkish-Pop and harmony touches via In My Mind recording release – alternatively, accepted by many good music listener’s ears while begin to play and during the girly fantasy movement music process of a shareable favorite tune-based on those little pony background stories …

In My Mind:

A Family Thing (Gold Circle/IFC 2012)

   Stockbrokers David Hargrove a bit in trouble to have a date with the pretty co-worker Emily Brandt whom resigning from the MPO position on that Christmas eve offered to drop home by David as well as other co-worker Corey whom forcing David to stop at the automated teller machine for cash to buy pizza within this Horror-Thriller story cenreting those three persons trapped by the psychotic hooded and menacing figure while the unlucky David spites by parking distance away from the booth making Corey to walk a bit only to find his card is having problems as encounters by joining David and Emily saw the hooded figure the first time in parka coat lurking, watching them from outside undetected as the three of them trying to getting back to the car as suspicious spreading over that strange creepy hooded man to be a robber trying to get in but can’t without a card. Then shit happens as the hooded figure kills a walker with a dog as the attempt to phone-calling for help left on their car seats; as the ATM terror movie continues with the hooded figure shutting down the heater inside while the outside the weather is freaking colder. David offering to negotiate on their own safety by giving the hooded figure $500 and earrings and watch while getting quickly running to the car only to find that the wires severed and the car broke.
   Chasing by the hooded man and unfortunately, drop his phone escaping. Attracting assistance by using the lipstick written down for help sign on the booth window by Emily didn’t really work out until a security guard found out the freezing three persons inside the booth as located and trying to call the police for back-up but suddenly, being beaten up badly with a tire iron from a car trunks to death making David, Emily and Corey stunning in shock witnessing the brutality violence as one hooded person entering the booth subdued quick by David and Corey reveals only a dead janitor leaving Corey to go out frustrated but caught and then stab by the hooded man. Not many songs to collect but eerie scary instrumental music building in the terror and struggles but still manage to have The Rosebuds arranging tracks for Christmas thrpugh Oh It’s Christmas as well as the credited composer musical making by David Buckley and performance by Rick DellaRatta. A car slamming the booth as well David’s car breaks them down as the improvised Molotov cocktail by David burning the dead corpse on parka coat not the hooded killer; while the police arrive and caught David as the crowded scene being watch by the hooded figure among them – showing the police through the surveillance camera that the murdering plan actions is seems to be planned by David only as he was framed successfully – as the hooded man later going back to his place and planning more similar attacks on another mart, farm-house or booth on a map as his appearance still unseen.  


Tango Urilla (TriStar Pictures Inc.1997)


   Paul Verhoeven directing the American Sci-Fi/military/action movie licensed by the name of Starship Troopers from a novel which telling a young soldier – Johnny Rico exploits his mobile infantry team suits for the futuristic unit career progression from being new recruits to the non-commission officer on the backdrop over their interstellar galactic war between humans and insectoid planet creatures called Arachnids – ferocious in appetite and ready to slay living forms besides them to conquering the planet as the colony feeds until there’s nothing nutritious left as they’re moving to another one. 23th century colonizing planets encounters mankind to a hostile, giant and smart insect creature-like starring the federation citizenship privilege active military service individuals opportunists John Rico, girlfriend Carmen Ibanez, Carl Jenkins from Buenos Aires; Isabelle “Dizzy” Flores who fell in love to Rico completed the crew as Rico and Isabelle enlist the federal service graduates as mobile infantry squad, Carmen became spaceship pilot as Carl with his physical gifts joining military intelligence. Rico promoted to a squad leader under basic training from Sgt. Zim as befriending Ace Levy before Carmen finally sending him a goodbye letter as she desires her career on the fleet served under Rico’s school rival Zander Barcalow with one of his troop-member died accidently making him quit by guilt but soon comes back resigning to the military after an asteroid hits their hometown and devastating it by killing millions including Rico’s parents. Invasion force deploying to Klendathu – arachnid home planet seems to be a suicide mission leads to a total disaster as Rico severly wounded or reported K.I.A but recovers and reassigned roughneck as the elite unit commanded by Jean Rasczak as Rico quickly gain respects for his bravery and having a intimate relationship with Dizzy. Starship Troopers movie soundtrack also serving great momentum tracks as the following up to the scenery actions there as Basil Paledouris arranging the compositions of classic scoring instrumentals for suspense and thrilling excitement towards the battles via Destruction Of Roger Young, Bugs!!, Hopper Canyon, Punishment/Asteroid onto Fed Net March anthem on television advertisement as the responding for distress call from Planet P outpost only turns out to be a clever trap as the arachnids swarm attacking the troopers inside the outpost and kills Dizzy but rescued by Carmen’s fleet as then, on Dizzy’s Funeral – Rico met Carl whom ordering mobile infantry unit helping him to catch a smarter brain bug. With unexpected heavy firing fights from the bugs as Carmen ship destroyed and crashed into the tunnel inside the planet – the battles continues outside with thousands casualties while Zander’s brain eaten by the brain bug-like giant worm; Carmen manage to fight with Rico’s arrived to safe her as the bomb detonates to kill most of the arachnids that chasing them out. Surprisingly, Sgt. Zim luckily, captured the brain bug as Carl told the troops about the victorious humanity as they would studying the brain bug reveals that the bugs are afraid cheering the troops … Days later, the propaganda advertisement showing Carmen, Rico and Carl as their heroes models encouraging more citizen to enlisting the military force !


Psychic Changes (Bandcamp 2017)

   Your Kingdom, My Life seems like a socio-amalgam for this Three Way Plane crew on telling the rest of the story started from the flooding situation nearby your local area but striking up most of the important things in social life between couple likes Inner Warfare, A Waltz for Unity & Love onto Checkmate in every moments – whether it’s good or bad towards you or your beloved ones; influenced by the band’s first flight but actually, develops for the more sufficient and efficient basic background written lyrics and music arranging affections possible to be done like this examples of track record in a seminal Grunge sounds with further Post-Hardcore pushing angst via StRts (guitars, vocals), John (bass), and Geo (drums) bashing frontier and ahead marches !!!

Your Kingdom, My Life:

ATMs (Bandcamp 2017)

   Unmistakable analog recording equipments by sounds of visceral things related to fully trend-chasers or bandwagon-esque rides refreshingly – fine wit guitar hooks and catchy drumming bangs soft to your stereo system performing by Stephen Perry (guitars, lead vocals), Jaclyn Perrone (bass, vocals) and Jason Maksymillian (drums, vocals) providing the shiny Wax Diamond releasing record with these written songs of eight particular Alternative Pop-tunes through Red Shift, Stick Around, The Box or Trident - buzzing the sing-along within. 

Wax Diamond:

Spearhead Now Now (New Line Records 2006)

   Cobra Starship screaming to you Snakes on a Plane (Bring It) or Panic! At The Disco gave the audience The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is Press Coverage as well as The Academy Is… offering Black Mamba (Teddybears remix) to Ceelo Green’s Ophidiophobia with the rest of the various artists like The All-American Rejects, The Sounds to Gym Class Heroes or The Bronx with composer Trevor Rabin did the themes soundtrack for the action-thriller movie Snakes On A Plane starring Samuel L. Jackson as Detective Neville escorting the US prosecutor beat-up murder by a gang leader in Hawaii witness – Sean Jones for the testify trial in Los Angeles while the gang leader Eddie Kim arranged to put plenty venomous snakes by the flower cargo inside that Boeing 747-400 ensuring that the passengers will be attacked by those reptiles before reaching the destination with one henchemen spraying pheromone that makes the snakes aggressive making their through to the cabin killing couple making sex in the bathroom to the plane captain while checking the electric shorts and you might naming any kinds of poisonous snakes are all on board crawling and hissing aggressively and biting anything that moves or breathing. As snakes attacking the co-pilot; the oxygen masks accidentally releasing and caused most of the poisonous snakes drops down to passengers invaded the cabin quickly as people screaming, panic and got swollen from the bitten torturing process and killed; leaving no choice for Agent Neville battling the snakes and surviving himself from being bitten up as the blockade of luggage that used to be work out crashed as the plane starts to dip down with Flynn contacting FBI specialist and ophiologist found out the illegal snake dealer connected to thus horrible incident for supplying the gang the reptiles as then, being raid by the authority before died from his own snake’s bite as based on the snake-pictures taken inside the plane manages FBI to find the anti-venom ready when they’re arrive while Eddie Kim will be charges within multiple attempts for murders. 
   The thrilling suspense and gory scenes may occurring during the film as everyone gets prepared: after depressurize the cockpit from snakes to letting a bodyguard with flight experience to guiding them to safety landing (based on gaming simulation) as he emergency landing successfully made until a snake bite Sean in the chest but luckily, wearing his bullet-fest and the paramedics helping him – Sean survived and gratitude Agent Neville by taking him for surfing to Bali.