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Poor Bear Darkling (Saddle Creek 2014)

   Female musician with dark hair, pale skin, mysterious beauty and music to listening for is a singer, song-writer whom born in Birmingham, Alabama but as she didn’t do anything within her previous groups like Azure Ray or Harouki Zombi then Orenda Fink would letting her American-roots musical project of solo acts reveals within a very decent mesmerizing interests to the audience to hear her angelic voice and slower-tuned medium force of Folk-Rock and Pop songs by self-written and collaborative works for the latest album called Blue Dream. Strings arrangements; melodic piano and live-wired musical instruments that dwelling deeper onto the watery perfect environment possessions for track-listed like You Can Be Loved, This is a Part of Something Greater, Ace of Cups, Holy Holy or You Are a Mystery ringing them bells to everyone whose opening their minds and eras by listening to these music presentation after the last light faded out and the evening comes with different stories to you to share.

Teeth and Dolphin means something precious that might slipping lost from your lives lately, answered temporary by the non-demanding sounds of the greenish album color.

Blue Dream:

Tight I’m Rocker (Combat/Roadrunner 1984)

   Heavy Metal band of America hailing themselves as The Rods from Cortland, New York as the eighty-one era leaping years started the evolution over any kinds of extreme metallic music sounds with Carl Canedy, David Feinstein, Garry Bardonaro or Shmoulik Avigal as well as Craig Gruber and more ex-members of the band through the sixth recording album on Let Them Eat Metal available on their catalogs leading the surpassing of literary heavier Rock n’ Roll and Dio high-vocalization among the standard songs written and mid-tempo beats of terrible nuisance themes and titles with lyrics of seminal apocalyptic measurements via White Lightning, Nuclear Skies, Rock Warriors, Got The Fire Burnin’ onto She’s Such a Bitch and Bad Blood – reminding you about how the evolving of the rock riding revolutions changes quite rapid within decades as the more new stylish adding to the regular characteristic and various type of the stronger metallic sounds library like The Rods did here !

Let Them Eat Metal:

Office Sunday Ticket (Paramount Picture 2008)

   Within Michael Giacchino making the composition for the original motion picture soundtrack over this terrorizing the audience on presented footage of the surviving young New Yorkers escaping the sudden disaster occurs on their daily night-life also with some various artists recording songs as Kings of Leon’s Taper Jean Girl, Sean Kingston’s Beautiful Girls, Got Your Moments by Scissors For Lefty, Parliament, Locksley, The Blood Arm onto Coconut Records or Kevin Brown and Lekha Rathnakumar music plays while Rob’s having a surprise party from his brother Jason and girlfriend Lily with many of their collages and friends having a good time through the small farewell because Rob will go abroad to work in Japan.
The tape showing the entertainment and the fearsome events happening to Rob. Jason, Lily, camera-guy Hud and marlena did their testimonials along with other guests before the shockwave hits and black-out the entire Brooklyn Heights area to the entire city with explosions and flash news about terrible things around terrorist attacks or nuclear strikes or something impossible as a tanker thrown hits liberty island or the building collapses, people died and the streets rules by martial war and military declaring night-watch asking people not to go further or must gathering to some safety points zone for further information about what’s really going on. 
Hud then recording that an enormous creature rampaging some blocks in front of them while the head of liberty city smashed into the nearby shops and buildings within the looters started taking things from electronic and supermarkets; Rob trying to call his ex-girlfriend Beth but no connection available making him decided to go saving her in Time Warner Center, Midtown Manhattan apartment while forcing others to keep going to reach safe place crossing the bridge while national guard of 42nd infantry division attacking the monsters which dropping smaller parasites like alien fleas that seemed to be harmless to kill by armed force. Crowded bridge destroyed by the giant monster attack killing most of the refugees including Jason leaving Rob to reuniting with Lily, Hud, Marlena and rescuing Beth from the her collapsing apartment buildings in such horrific conditions just like the city being destroyed by the mysterious then encountered again by Rob, Hud, Beth, Lily and Marlena whom got bitten by one of the medium sized fleas and die, infected and blown up inside the military care unit while the others boarding to a helicopter for safer place after being diagnoses healthy and not contaminated. 
   Departing with marines corps helicopter, witnessing the air force B-2 spirit bombing the monstrous creature causing it falls but lunges towards their helicopter and causing it crashed to Central Park. Hammer Down Protocol being announced from the radio within the crash-site as three of the survivors begin to conscious only to find Hud discovering his camera then got approaches and eaten alive by the alien creature gigantic monster leaving Rob and Beth running for shelter under Greyshot Arch with sirens blaring louder and louder; as the bombing starts it’s only a few time left for them to testimony on the camera for the last time and leave a kiss goodbye to each other until the place crumbles down buried them both in rubbles screaming for another bombing as the creature roars … and the old footage of their coney island trip seeing something fell to the ocean among thus happiness at that time and it freezes with indistinctly background radio chatter. 

Cloverfield Soundtrack:

Two Happy Family (Sparks & Shadows 2016)

   Locked inside the underground bunker after broke-up with her boyfriend from New Orleans and driving out the rural Louisiana and the reports of blackout in several major cities is the only thing happens before a truck side-swiping her car and knocks off out the road unconscious. Michelle realizing then that she’s being helped or held by the nuclear/chemical fall-out bunker owner – Howard brought her for protection calmed her down to meet with Emmett another survivor and got a quick tour around the well-stocked food supplies, showing viewport from the bunker exit hatch two dead pigs outside as evidence of the terrible fallout as Michelle learn more about Howard’s truck as concern about herself and privately, trying to seek more information on Howard motivation and background story.
The key stealing by Michelle only leads her to the last door upstairs where a burnt out or infected woman appears from nowhere forcing her to open the shelter door for her to come in too in anger shocks Michelle as now everything that Howards told them seems to be clearly correct as the daily living continues for them quite nicely as relationship between three of them relaxed but intolerance and caring for Michelle as his little girl by Howard reveals that he admitted for his dying long daughter while giving girl shirts to Michelle but later on the truth reveals in reversed as the missing girl is not his daughter as suspicious discovers Michelle and Emmett to the real story and evidence of the help sign carved on one of the surface window hatch from inside as 10 Cloverfield Lane would be your psychological horror thrilling favorable movie as the credits for the scoring music soundtrack instrumentals conducted and composes by Bear McCreary through The Concrete Cell, A Bright Red Flash, Message From Megan, The Burn onto Valencia did following the continuity over the young couple trying to run-away from Howard by make-shifting Hazmat Suit quietly as well as stealing tools and parts behind his back; with the threatening accuses and trying to immerse them into a barrel of perchloric acid but Howard then wrestled and kills Emmett with a gun shocked Michelle whom desperately making her final preparation as she surprising Howard by burning him on a knocked over barrel of acid with a start of electricity firing the bunker. 
   The night-time escape outside soon turning to a nightmare as a bio-mechanical alien spacecraft appears emits green gas but trying to chase and capture her before Michelle thrown a Molotov cocktail to the craft as the explosion releasing her from the robotic appendage taking the dead woman’s car and driving away to Texas border as the radio chatter instructing survivors heading to Baton Rouge and evacuates but the requesting personnel to Houston is a crossroad for Michelle to choose where to go as the distant larger alien ship conquering the sky …


Covering Mistake (R’Coup’D 2017)

   Fin Greenall currently based himself in between berlin and London with the background of being British singer, producer, songwriter and guitarist and Cornwall’s DJ recording his entire Electronic music internationally whether they’re solo acts or collaborations with several famous names like John Legend, Ximena Sarinana and Amy Winehouse as being productive … by the name of Fink (musical project) this Resurgam (meaning I Shall Rise Again) distinctly adventurous by catalogue of sounds mixture availability in a more Industrial echoed on Pop-Goth Electro and Dub independent as fearless experimented and nailing aspects gathered in a package of simple slower horizontal-ism over Word to The Wise, Day 22, Cracks Appear, Not Everything was Better in The Past and Godhead – representing how the New Age world molding its own creativity through messages in musical sounds of seminal oddities.


W.W. Over Out (Self-Released 2015)

   Smokey Alternative Country and Folk performance from a sweet yet Grungy also funny or sad lyrics written staring the truth harder with the eyes open as painted the louder depth melodies like brown sugar effects did to your body needing something not too damn sweeter but relieving which is almost perfectly found through tracks like Dating Song, I Can Shout Louder, Don’t Kick a Girl, UFO’s in The Sky onto Six Feet of Earth pt.1 shortly in duration of her minutes recording tracks listed here via the releasing album produced/written by Noosa Al-Sarraj over You Lose Some, You Lose Some featuring ten songs of local origins of Americana independent female sounds of the south porch front sitting place within warmth and rural panorama viewing to your eyes permanently when for Winona Wilde - obesity isn’t a weakness but attraction to the audiences. 

You Lose Some, You Lose Some:

Chesterfield (Lakeshore Records 2017)

   Heavily arming militia from the Southern states decided to declaring the next civil war on the american soil once again with kinds of well-planned invasion through the northern cities and crowded population of immigrants like this one on the directing by John Milott action thriller - Bushwick movie where former US marines medical corps and janitor accidently must teaming up with a graduated female student for surviving the entire chaos and rioting condition among their neighborhood situation turning violent and exploded in minutes by many civilian casualties, snipers on the roof, martial law declaring and street-vigilante wipe out by the white-terrorist group against the U governments authority. Lucy lost her boyfriend Jose to an explosion down the subway stairs while later must running away from black uniform troops starting to kill people on the streets while sniper targeting others within gang-violence teenagers after her and attempted to rape her on a basement turns out to be the helping big fellow Stupe trying to go out to Hoboken for his family – stuck together in order to survive the deadly chaotic situation encountering their every steps over blocks with thick smokes, people screaming, gunshots and sirens.
   Original Motion Picture Soundtrack composed by Aesop Rock which did a very intense and thrilling recaptures within thus scenery for the couple to retreating over blocks by blocks through thus instrumental Electronic music for New Yule, The Church 1, Mashed Potatoes onto Corner Store or Raiders; as the destruction systematically of Bushwick, Brooklyn area known to be a Dutch/German community mixed with many immigrants including Hispanic, blacks and jews witnessing the worst ground invasion they ever seen. Mercenaries troops sweeping buildings one by one, schools and the street blocks while Lucy grandma found dead already but her female cousin Belinda – an erotic dancer and a junkie still alive and rescued with them. More Blues Jazzy compositions emerging via the fight on the streets after the meeting with other surviving groups stronger to unites against the intruder troops and armed enemies for Sharks and Minnows, Riot Riot or All Fall Down but as the communities fighting back to reclaiming their streets; unlucky, Stupe whom already getting closer to Lucy as good friends by sharing his background story must ended his life to the gunshot of a hiding teenage scared teenage girl on a toilet inside the laundro-mat basement knowing that they can die trying to reach the DMZ point where US military extracting non-combatants on Grover Cleveland Park crossing the waves of militia on heavy arms with James and his mom and brothers. Lucy and Belinda forcing themselves to a one last attempts closer enough to getting saver place before a headshot stops Lucy’s runaway as she surviving some shots before it – leaving Belinda in her hysterical bursting condition being dragged behind the DMZ lines - away from the war-zone ...


Quintet For Clarinet (Grindstone Entertainment Group 2016)


   Defending country by becoming your enemy would be fitted to describing the entire secret mission story of the movie - Imperium for FBI agent Nate Foster disguising inside the involvement of white supremacist groups led by prome suspect of a local conservative radio host under the rhetoric familiar figurehead calling for assemblies of all racist white group for revolution based on the daily reasons and objective research information. Under the surveillance of his recruiter agent Angela Zamparo; then they’re realizing that names like Vincent Sargent, Andrew Blackwell and Gerry Conway are also suspects they need to neutralize in attempts to stop the revealing of bombing plan by the white group of supremacist white racists on public interests without uncovered Foster disguising to the last. Compiling album songs by Will Bates with Johannes Brahms classical on Concerto for Piano no.1 D-Min Op.15 onto Quentin Collins’s Glad to be S.A.D, Mean Joe Green by Local Honey, Sick Society (Shield Front) or Submachine’s Raze It - probably, works fine to monitor the entire secret undercover mission infiltrations with more classical tunes orchestra by Johannes Brahms witnessing how the transformation of agent Nate Foster shaving his hair like skin-heads and background stories that based the further hatred against other group race must be finished by FBI raiding troops in tight ops timing as the supplier of the explosive and paranoid white terrorists group also getting ready to make their possession of caesium mixed into dirty bomb for killing many people a bitter farewell to believes and arrested quick.


Pink Moon (Bandcamp 2017)

   Istanbul’s local music scene and supporting artists promoting that they’re really considering an emerging talents for making a good international singer like the semi-legendary Nick Drake becoming their true saint and savior – especially, thus lovers and fans on the reflecting echoes journey through the mainstream collectible by In The Void compilation like one on In The Void Presents: Nick Drake Tribute within your favorite tracks covered by some of Turkey’s finest groups and singers or musicians through these thirteen songs recorded here and available to listen carefully carrying every aspects of beauty and artistic via Fanikedi’s Day is Gone, Nilipek & Can Aydinoglu for Place To Be, Efe Demiral on Cello Song, Alper Yildirim & Egemen Kirkagac singing Parasite, Mert Alperten doing Come Into The Garden or Ezgi Mutlu over River man and Toll Tres on Three Hours; subjective and personal as you can get to accepting not many tribute albums for our Nick Drake but this one particularly, presenting their better sides on the interpretation as well as the journey of lights within good album artwork graphic design but mostly, for the greater choice to share to the world about some important percentage on Mr. Nicky Drake works.


Vertigo (Bandcamp 2017)

   Some might calling these a disappointing band off the northern beach area of Sydney but who the damn cares if you disagree with it and concerning that the three piece of warm beer/ski balls and Garage Rock unit – Crocodylus whose are Josh Williams, Stephen Sacco and Mikel Salvador would be a New South Wales non-famous groups like the rest of them but even the junkies of colorful particles rocking faithful music still can entertaining your love for Grunge-tinged prospects just like the Christian Syrups disc playing louder enough over the no-night of sensation lonely staying at home with boring life and listening to Tell You Once, Failure or Lactose Intolerant in short terms of Indie Rock package.  

Christian Syrups:

Plague Of (Independent 2015)

   All enquirers to the Perth, Australia trio of an extreme non-commercial but potential unit that blending their Cross-Over Thrash Metal and Thrash-Core which collectively only presented by these metal-heads local troops with Riley Walpole on drums, Cam Murphy on bass/vocals and Tom Murphy the guitarist/vocalist leaning to their death-themes and rats eating rotted bones of human remains kinds of stuff dealer which popularly being recorded within this EP album of Bones To Dust either over the three minutes and forty-five seconds or more Order-66 through Death Strip vanguard music that breaks neck while performing head-banging hard like the high-criminally insane type solos and killer riffs sounds of brutality itself. 

Bones To Dust EP:

Geyron’s Throne (Southern Lord/Alone 2006)

   Seville itself offering strong influences base on the semana santa annual procession penitential hooded robes crew teaming as essential Avant-Garde Doom Metal as well as hypnotic repetition on quasi-mystical intensity or torpid rhythm as slower as death itself giving the members: Marco Serrato Gallardo (bass, vocals), Borja Diaz Vera (drums) and Ricardo Jimenez Gomez (guitars) releasing the first recording debut under the title of Gran Poder as melting Doom Metal over four track-titles may causing havoc feelings upon your minds.
   Looks Christianity but actually, against it very well by calling darkness spells and magic blackest as the demon itself presenting in front of you – the initial sin and more deadly messages within thus local lyrics story-telling on Arrodillate Ante La Madera Y La Piedra or El Lamento Del Cabron or deeper more through-out the characteristic bashing destruction acts and dungeon torturing basement over Oficio De Tinieblas.

Hail the dark, the demon and the death of the saints of god …

Gran Poder:

Freedom Evil (Ripple Music 2018)

   Hungarian self-proclaiming of Modern Higher Octane Rock N’ Roll twirling group of Budapest capital for their blending over Blues Rock, Soul Music and reminiscent sounds over the late 1960’s and 70’s for swaddles of some modern vibes and harmony group vocals like the inspirational influenced parts of CSN-heritage or more Bluesy Boogie version of C.C.R team-street to surprising your stereo system as the likes from Clutch, Led Zeppelin onto Mountain and Kris Kristoferson and serious Grunge music projecting on Cosmos Calling by Mate Guylas (drums), Gergely Dobos (bass), Andras Gabor (guitars, background vocals) and Marton Szekely (vocals, tambourine) as calling themselves Ozone Mama whose riding the stone hopping-deer through the barren land proudly blasting their grooves via these presentation exhibits of Stoner Blues Rock and Psychedelic Metal onto Feel So Alive, Doppelganger, High Ride, Shout At The Sky to The Alchemist and Moon Pilot are some of those good listening favorable ensemble for you to head-bang in with – boom-baby rockers !

Cosmos Calling:

Strade Perdute (Ethnoworld 2002)

   First line-up consisting of Gianni Donvito (vocals/bass), Marco Ambrosi (guitars), Daniela Rossi (drums) as well as Graziella Ferrise joining in while Manuel Franco (percussion) as well as Pasquale Nigro (accordion) completed the line-up as it will changes yearly later for the Italian band Rosaluna taken for a tribute from Pink Moon album; rocking their unique measurement story-telling via local lyrics and Pop-Rock distinctive methods of themselves creating Psychedelic and Folk-Rock psychotic thirteen tracks for this debut album of average business entry for national media to listen through Incrocio with Fimmina, Mata E Grifone, Noto (Vuoi Ritornare?), La Mia Notte and Vecchio Frack listing the painted artistic motionless live instruments appointment over their good continues apprehending cycle in music making off the Italian moderate modern melodies scene soil.


Hindsight (Diadem Records 1998)

   Seizing their point over the middle parts of US Alternative C.C.M groups around since ninety-two from the southwestern campus of a bible college in Phoenix, Arizona and graduated members whose being remaining accepted fully at the youth minister but singer Darin McWatters, guitarist Tim Sovinec recruits their bassist Mark Stafford and drummer Tim Brinkman as a new line-up for playing coffeehouse, churches and colleges under the name of Everybodyduck as being religiously faithful to make modern Christian Indie-Pop Rock sounds with their impressive national-wide secondary recording on Still Know How To Groove which adding additional vocalist Audrey Hundson, drummer Michael Day and Cory Knapp on bass guitar understanding how to put the flame of worshiping to young audiences without being gets annoying with preaching too much but melodic harmony sounds of Jangle-Pop would do good just like inspirational Heatjambled, Consuming Fear, Sunday Shoes, Closed Doors and Walk The Plank feels a party Pop-Rock literary minister that beliefs on new music can solving problems … 

Still Know How To Groove:

Winning Iron (Bandcamp 2008)

   Who said J-Pop cannot be mixing with crusting Pop-Punkish and Hardcore-Pop onto Christian Rock and Classic Rock just like being approved by these Yokohama, Japan band members of IMARi ToNES with the helpful hands of Tak Yonemochi an ifamous rock producer journalist and Japanese band guitarist took this band to meet Sascha Paeth the world producer of Heavy Metal to make this group a kinds of Old-School styled Heavy Metal and Pop-Rock Christianity-based band within Jake the drummer, Hassy on bass guitar and Tone the guitarist/vocalist bring the Japanese Pop tuning album over them collections to you – all written in English lyrics and cool music in standard mid-tempo cranking Karma Flower, Speechless Speaker, Skies of Tokyo, New World, That’s Why I Love You as well as some traditional messages via Juku-Shiki leading our senses out of the sensation and into some kind of spiritual entertaining sounds delivers here.

Japanese Pop:

Future Glory (New Regency Music 2016)

   Expanding series within the time expands of series from a video game in the original flashback history on the Andalusia’s  Granada war on protecting Prince Ahmed deGranada the assassins brotherhood choose Aguilar de Nerha to fight the knight templar while on the future times, little Callum “Cal” Lynch finding that his mother died as being killed by his father as the Abstergo Foundation of the templars capturing him while Cal escapes. Later onto the new millennium; it’s Cal’s turn being sentenced for murder but as the execution being faked by Abestergo Foundation taking him to a Madrid secret facility with templars eagerly searching for Apple of Eden to eliminate violence among humanity encoding the control of free will Alan Rikkin and his daughter Sofia heading the scientists of the facility revealing about Cal’s descendent from Aguilar as the last person confirming about the presence of the apple then putting Cal in a genetic machine animus for the observation to allows them relives the flashback historical events in order to find the precious thing as the movie Assassin’s Creed showing great action adventures scenery and fine martial battle arts between the couple of secret assassins Aguilar and Maria on rescuing the prince from his kidnappers led by Templar Grand Master Tomas de Torquernada demanding Sultan Muhammad XII surrendering the apple as the templars troops being intercept by Aguilar and Maria but overpowered even after killing many soldiers as Sofia stops the machine and helping the to calm the seizure body of Callum. Stage screen scoring music along for accompanying the missions for Aguilar and his beloved partner Maria on fighting the battles over the templars blood-thirst conqueror and systematic religious mis-interpreted within the starts from The Execution, to The Animus; First Regression onto The Cure For Violence, Research Room as well as Underground and Columbus onto the lasting scene for The Mutiny and Seville making more time to releasing the assassins couple from being executed to a burning stake and long sermon from the evil Torquernada as manage to escaping themselves on a ferocious battle and madding crowds to the rooftop chase and the Leap of Faith as cancelled for the paralyzed temporary mind of Cal later to learn that his father is also captured in the facility and the real story revealed about his mother an assassin choose to die in her husband hand rather than being forced to use the animus while Alan is being under-pressure by templars elders spending multi-billion dollars for Animus Project cause they think they’ve already won the people whom no longer care about civil liberties and content to follow, given Sofia questioning the true intention of it too. Back to the fourteenth century  Andalusia: where Aguilar and Maria being ambushed in a meeting between the Sultan and Torquernada as the assassins succeeded to kill the templars and returning the apple but Odeja the commander captures Maria while Aguilar had Torquernada for a stand-off as resulting Maria to choose to die by stabbing herself while Aguilar kills the commander and wounded the leader but needs to escaping once again through the Leap of Faith caused the animus machine malfunctions as Aguilar gave the apple to Christopher Columbus with a devoted promise for keeping it to his death as thee other prisoners inside the facility led by Haitian Baptiste starting some riots killing as many as Abstergo securities confronting to stop them. Cal met the projections of numbers assassins including his mother and embracing the reality of fully assimilated memories and abilities of the Assassin’s Creed and retrieving The Apple from Columbus burial vault at the converge ceremony in a Templar sanctuary of London while they’re celebrating the triumph; disillusioned Sofia meets Cal whose taking the apple back by killing her father – vows later for a revenge on Assassin’s Creed … 


The Case (Paramount Pictures 2011)

   Blaming the death of his beloved wife over a careless attitude of her co-worker at the steel mill accident when covering Louis Dainard shift makes Sheriff Deputy Jack and his son Joe losing Elizabeth that day … 
   Several months later, Charles the best friend of Joe having silly idea for creatively making a zombie movie within low-budget to enters an international film competition as enlisting their good friends Preston, Martin, Cary to Dainard’s daughter Alice as they’re begun to filming some shots in a funny, awkward moments and learning to improves how to act better which brought them to the train depot midnight filming rehearsal only for witnessing a pick-up truck goes faster and then ram the tracks and the train destroying the massive train derailments including the depot and surrounding areas in chaos. A loading door violently thrown out off the carriage by strange force and by the aftermath, they’re regrouping to investigates the wreckage and finding crates full of strange white cubes, the truck drive whom was their biology teacher Dr. Woodward whose warns them to forgetting about this accident or there’ll be danger to them and their family send the kids flee from the scene as soon as the US Air Force troops led by Col. Nelec arrives for checking discovers film box and assuming someone already having the event on camera. A science fiction movie directed by J.J. Abrams and produced by Steven Spielberg – Super 8 having the nostalgic elements of musical scoring, visual effects and performance of the casts which showing us how strangely all the dogs running away, several towners missing, the electrical power fluctuates and stolen electric items within stranger as the military sets a fake news flash tells everyone there’s a train accident derailed carrying toxic materials and will harming wider parts of the town area where martial law declares and evacuation begins. Learning about the escaping large creature from train with Alice being abducted by the alien monster at the base as the sheriff goes out driving with Louis trying to find their kids; Charles, Martin and Cary convincing Jen and Donny to drive them to town and finding Dr. Woodward storage filming the alien crash-landed on 1958 where air force capturing one alien for experiments the ability of the white cubes on making spaceship. 
   The adventure goes on for the kids finding the hideout cave under the cemetery garage to a massive underground caverns where Alice still alive captured but then the alien learns that these children to be kind and helping and letting them escape. Reuniting fathers and kids watching how numerous metal objects pulled on the top of water tower by force as white cubes assembles into alien spaceship as the thing blown out and fell the spacecraft zooming out to the sky. 
   Great instrumentals tracks like Family Matters, Acting Chops, We’ll Fix It in Post-Haste or The Siege of Lillian musical scores composed by Michael Giacchino no more than thirty songs available as the soundtrack for this children adventurous movie sounds suspense, thrilling but likely, good to catch.


Any Given Sunday (Vertigo/Capitol 2016)

   Electrifying their audience with Adam Grahn (lead vocals/guitars), Hannes Irengard (guitars), Per Andreasson (drums) and Jonas Almen (bass guitar) trying to continue their energetic Rock n’ Roll inspiring mixed with Garage Rock under the influences from names like Mando Diao or The Hives whose coming before them and already becoming one of the most wanted bands off the list over Swedish radio stations sticking more for another success via the latest releasing studio album on the neat Weekend Man productions still as being the same group – Royal Republic and cranking some of those simplified and rebellious tracks of fortunes via Kung Fu Lovin’ My Way, Uh Huh, Walk!, Follow The Sun onto People Say That I’m over The Top just like the keep on head-banging crazy party continues within American Dream or Playball as Royal Republic ruling their own build-up country based on greater Rock N’ Roll and Pop trashy culture options this new millennium. 

Weekend Man:

Beige Slime (Vacant Stare Records 2017)

   Hate the Pop-tinged Lo-Fi or Garage Punk attitude within no further points for you to maximize any seconds that counts through thus quickie self-titled album created by Evil Twins as a brainchild from Stevie Shakes from Unity Skateboarding and Trevor Straub (Pookie & The Poodlez/Nobunny) sticking like a gum towards the not always wonderful gem of collectible recording alike this debut form a secret bathroom of the west engineering mixture tracks coming through a sonic silly punkish songs of Squishy Squish, Sweaty Faces, Top Dog Queen, Punks N’ Jocks or John Hughes Jam that perhaps, doesn’t last long but stays within your freak-out feelings every-time you feel stress completely one more time.

No affiliations needed to listening for this album - even, if you straight or gay ...

Evil Twins:

Rat Triptych (Translation Loss 2017)

   Experimental Noise Metal group – Gnaw composing of these New Yorker four piece of rockers from Alan Dubin, Carter Thornton (Enos Slaughter and others) to Jun Mizumachi (formerly live band of Ike Yard) or Brian Beatrice (guitarist/sound designer) and Eric Neuser on drums or Burning Witch’s drummer Jamie Sykes as well are on board for this sickening demonic sounds of terrorizing within the manipulation blending of Doom Metal to experimental Noise-Thrasher through the screaming hatred against their bullshit world via Cutting Pieces as the emotional motion of tsunami waves violence to the more abrasive collateral damaging presentations driven by the mechanical instincts exploded on Septic, Wrong, Extended Suicide to Fire. 

There’s something wrong if you feel like there’s nothing abnormal happening to this life these days with no head-splodes. 

You need to be bashing in by people or just kill yourself after you killing those irritating people around your neighbor-hood ! 

Cutting Pieces:

Brain Without Born (Independent 2018)

   Groovy funked-out but not too decent to be calling a non-motion less Grungy to Alternative Contemporary orchestration and string-arrangement type thing presentation to make the duo of Simon Martinez (guitars, bass, vocals, keyboards, bingo, shake shake) and Zane Shields (drums, percussion, vocals, aux boom, keyboards and bongo) can deliberating sounds of the almost complete measuring possessive tense of present day without too much sensation but hints of allegation, enchanting energy and sleek tuning of an original strain experimented raunchy debut for banger or bigger/better purposes listening time.Jazz-tinged techniques, Garbage Pop, Brainer Rock and huger beats as well as Electronic to a pimp-liked future wimp for now baptizing to the name of Pulgas over them as a project musical.
   Abstracting a subtraction or fusion over these second effort of themselves; The Run Around, I Always Need A Good Night’s Sleep, Burn Me Down, So Many Dead onto Going At It Again and also The Future is Now did a divided mind-blowing included expels on thus ordinary ideas to be assured lifting higher for more good reasonable method of rhythm and attraction of the lesser known – knot through the record here – Open To Most Things !


Signs Beforehand (Activision Games 2009)

   The original song might be entitled Miles Away by Simon Stewart as the game-play for this Cabela’s Big Hunter Game 2010 like choosing your starter choice from begin career, mission select, shooting gallery or options as just like the front cover showing ya’ll about objective hunt gaming over various forest animals from elk, bighorn to deer as well as shooting females or a buck while wandering noisy terrain with difficulties level as stepping quietly, patience and always beware for any aggressive predators Cougars or ferocious Bear attacks but collecting your mission only as the sacking of them might successfully, making you steps up to the next mode missions and unlocking various things as points, medals and trophy. Sharpening your ability of being a good sniper hunting with good movements and flexible killer to achieve your hunted animals collectible in profits while more guns and weapons can be yours as well in perfect timing to play this on either playstation, xbox 360 and Wii unit just like the background story of the origin idea of Nathan Wilde the member of hunting organization of Orion; made only the elite hunters of the world can joining in.

   As a hunter named Jack entering trials membership but as the test of many skills various hunting methods and outdoor-man’s skills proving that Jack (you) worth to be a newest member travelling many continents or not …


Lost Dad (Independent 2017)

   Old house recording or even various places spotted parts for this stuck with the attaching little casio thing but feeling comfortable on being with his own music to dare in to be released as big bag garden of salsa sunchips or watching the world with giant clouds. Mentioning himself just as “me” as the sounds made form yamaha protasound to sk1 casio with a little thankful for Jenna and Lily over the words lyrics inspirations andall those Lo-Fi synth/Bedroom-Pop record of acoustic grungy simplicity via Father Truck of Grand Rapids giving you the Stealing Flowers From The Neighbor’s Lawn featuring hands holding spoon and fork sign sharing the silent melodies of tiny sounds peacefully tangled via Hot Moth, Hoop, Moon, Not True and With You.

Shy voices comes encircling the bench of the old porch witnessing the rural sided music and sounds grows its acorn to leaves there …


The Divide (Independent 2016)

   Natt Davis being the entirely one writer, producer and performer for the recording album on vocals, guitars, drums, bass, keyboards, harmonica and flute into the project of blended Progressive Analogue Bluesy Rock and Punk and fuzzy Deep Purple psychedelic influences under the naming self-title and the artist itself through Alf Red. Known slightly as the Bristol, UK performance acts writing some of the best self-making compositions of a true Prog-Rock selfishness which priceless even though they’re lesser known by now; Alf Red promising the performance of its Pomp-Rock progressions via the opener Mirrors onto Trees and Vagabond or Sweet Refrain as well as Wishing Well in variety tempos and more different length of duration which may leaving some of the audience – questioning how on earth this great muscular tunes didn’t get any proper attentions from the rock media lately.

The harmony vocals, imaginable realm or neat self-paintings or the continuity of the music followed by either Heavy Rock or Pop-tinged British version of sounds might forcing you to collecting this album sooner.

Alf Red: