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Zuckuss Vader (Self-Released 2017)

   These Indianapolis Stoner-Punk Grunge group did not closely, associated to any of Lucasfilm products especially, Disney era but a parody over their likes to Star Wars and thus characters of intergalactic based on Rock N’ Roll affiliation themes like they’re coming from the local desert workshop somewhere on Jyn Erso’s home-planet as baptizing themselves as The Yavin 4 band-members connecting to each other: Benny NoGood, Travis Harmon, Jason Bambery and Chad Prifogle fro Indiana’s music scene veterans as the previous local group like The Hardees or The Enders broke-up and the particle or core survivors build a new society within this band.
   Cohesive and extremely loud has brought together the across rhythms and beats of syringe guitars on Punk Rock and Hard Rock sounds like the echoes of the farthest galaxy bright center as being influenced by the force and the weak minds per se into head-banging and pogo-dancing into space melodic rockies acts can be found on the band’s releasing album – Imperial Entanglements as the rioter music like Order 66, Hail Palpatine!, AT-AT Attack, Mechanical Sith Lord, IG-88 and Dewback Patrol to Dengar and Bossk – creating their own tale story about what’s really going on since the new hope didn’t quite stopping the empire to strikes back as soon as the return of the jedi tricking the audience that the trilogy is over.

Imperial Entanglements: