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Yellow Fever Lu (United Front Games 2012)

   When you goes undercover as Wei Shen a Chinese-american officer to infiltrates the Triad organization called Sun On Yee as an open world gaming on this action-adventure sets via Sleeping Dogs; as mini maps won’t too bothering you but exploring the side mission and other activities like running, jumping or climbing to swimming by obstacles or vehicles-driving may just leading you to the local confrontations around the area of the oriental gangster’s followers and brawling fights using non-weapon to guns and the skill would improves along the success demanding points of money interests when Wei Shen did his violent actions or melee weapon into higher levels and lesser civilian/citizens casualties over environmental killings – inside the small street markets; dark alleys onto the temple backyard while gaining benefits might also means great graphics and good modern sounds over the background tracks on the Sleeping Dogs gaming O.S.T shelf.

   The variety of song by the track-listing compiled or composed by Jeff Tymocschuk for Microsoft windows, Xbox 360 and Play Stations 3 platforms such as 24Herbs given you all Do You Know Me, Hong Kong Kowloon, Sin City or No Brother to Bonobo’s Kiara Sleeping; Harmonic 313 with Dirtbox, Soft Room by Lorn through many more newer names you can even remembered knew or met like people passing by or on the occasion of street fighting stand-off through the gaming of Sleeping Dogs; as Anti-Pop Consortium, Tchaka Diallo, Plaid or Bibio might not be your opponents favorite artists as well but the mission needs to go on to while you unlocked the achievements and trophies undergoing the way on martial art-action or infiltrates some contemporary Hong Kong-like old China Town.