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Yasmine Illness (Requiem Pour Un Twister 2015)

   Further serious than their single release with more and more dubbed Post-Punk, Power-Pop Mod onto Indie Garage for punchy guitars, nervous bass and groovy beats over the influences from The Buzzcocks, The Damned and The Undertones among others. Sir Emmanuel, Kim Jonquille, Jake Blackbird and Anatole Transe are the group members; naming themselves openly as Cheap Riot trying to reminding to us about how effectively bad the influences from television tubes already brainwashing us since the day modern man knows how to be entertained themselves by making something to watchable – locally, national wide, international and globally infuses all ages and Ballroom Portraits the album using the tricky steps in how many examples taken out from many shows off only the black and white era television from a part-time punks perspective and Night Bus, Electricity, Blackout, Blow and Boredom equally tells you to stop watching right now – stop yourself from being manipulating by them and start listening to the spontaneous low-profiling Alternative choices before The Next Election.

Ballroom Portraits: