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Wrong Val Something (Intrada 2000)

   The grown terror from the underground off the remote rural and desert area of Perfection, Nevada for this franchise work-title upon the monster-film Tremors as the prehistoric giant carnivore worms stalking and eating people from below as the attacks occurs almost everywhere in wider radius miles that causing troubles for the residents there two repairmen Valentine and Earl, Burt Gummer and wife – the weapon addicts; Miguel, Mindy and Walter Chang the grocery shop owner. Those underground beasts attacking almost everything that moves or noisy using their heat censor to find fresh meat and due to that making a landslide/ dead phone-lines, blockade the small town and the neighboring one as now Perfection is officially, isolated.
Then, while trying to ride their horses meeting with a college girl whom studying the weird seismic activities happening around the area named Rhonda; learn about the Graboid creatures which not only attacking them but as well the entire town buildings – as an ancient type of blind giant worms not yet known by experts before – preying on mammals for food as the rocky place stopping them from chasing your ass as well. 
   The trio with the help from the gun-fanatics couple Burt and Heather escaping the town using heavy artillery excavator and armed finding themselves stranded on being trapped by the graboids upon rocks finally, got their brilliant ideas to go “fishing” them one by one using explosive strings. Original Motion Picture Score composed and conducted by Ernst Troost as the funny, scary, outdoors and almost complete natural reserved for the movie with most of them instrumentally good to listen through On The Road Miguel’s Plan Nester, The Journey Begins Truck Attack The Rocks; Goin’ Fishin’ Stampede Closing as well as First Attack Pole Vaulting – may giving the audience the similar feelings like the cast of starring experienced on the scenes as surviving group members finally, going back after killing the last creature … Or ?