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Worship Ceremony (Lakeshore 2016)

   Try not to compare Horror Sci-Fi and Deja Vu as one may got this issue moment where everything seems not being as real as it gets but it’s happening to you; just like Deputy Daniel Carter, Vincent and Allison with Dr. Powell as the plotting group of pregnant girl and survivors and grandpa or patient finding themselves running from something terrible chasing them like a screaming woman inside the wood or things you cannot explain haunting you with seizures or disturbing visions. 
The hospital that seems to be a safe place turning instantly, as an unexpected horrific place where someone starts killing someone because of hallucinating strange things or unexplaneable to human minds came within the strange cultist group of mysterious people chanting the spells or how a creature emerges from nowhere devouring a state trooper and chasing the rest as then the leader of the cult reveals as one of them transforming people to follow his evil commands. 
   As the order awaits for their leader to transform, the birth of a child shall given signing about it within the horrific of blood-shed murders; torso explodes and the reborn creature from someone’s body to the appearance of the skinless grotesque opening the abyss through the dark gates of glowing triangle on the wall as the rest of the survival through these terrorizing movie of The Void also captures the entire atmosphere of horror via the soundtrack of V.A (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) composed by Jeremy Gillespie, Brian Wiacek, Menalon to Blitz//Berlin within the excessive thrilling scenery on Nowhere, Starless Night/The Void; Beverly, A Hole in The World, Desperate Measures, Cloak and Dagger/The Call, The Axe and Passage may leaving your views scares for the most of the duration minutes over the movie. The humming death from the netherworld dimensional took the couple there under the black pyramid as the remaining saved ones reunites at the abandoned hospital.