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World’s On Fire (Take Me To The Hospital 2009)

Used to be infamous by the turning point of their hits singles back in the late nineties era while the striking iron for Electronica music getting hotter attacking the European continent, North American soil and the rest of the world led by some the famous British groups from the similar genre like The Prodigy did very well with most of the raving-Break Beat and rough cuts but then adding some more mainstreamed distorting guitars by the excessive influences from Hard Rock and metallic noises compelling. A used to be before and after all the excellent members for The Prodigy are Liam Howlett (keyboards, producer), Keith Flint (vocals, dancing), Maxim (mc, vocals) and Leeroy  Thornhill with the driven insanity works of their tons of Electro-Rock dance-floor maniac which later on also influencing the post-EDM more-Hardcore style of Dubstep and Techno-Rave.

The clubbing breaker and the powerful syn-chronicles for the nest levels of their musical career must be the comeback recording of Invaders Must Die – that eventually, being liked not only for Clubber-heads but also Metal-heads with the group’s extreme features and performance over the several fierce tracks available there: Omen, Thunder, Colours, Piranha, Warrior’s Dance or Run with The Wolves may becoming everyone’s hacking hits and the online world web-surfing themed soundtrack as well as the next millennial genre loving Big Beat and more pleasure on the manic of Electro clashes sounds on the telecommunications media’s mass-mind controls.

Invaders Must Die: