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World Puppet Promote (Tapps Games 2018)


   As the world becoming more modern and ignorant as nobody cares about anybody but taking things for granted and you feel like the people surrounds you already changes then this might be a good time to switching side and joining this simulator clicker games called We Are Illuminati as granted to be friendly introduced by your assistant – Nailitper.
One already sooner realizing that they’re becoming masters this android gaming just helping you to improved the few and farther tests before you are completely dominate the world by the help of the secret organization behind the veil or everything – pulling the red lines and controlling population. 
   Step by steps spreading your plans as influenced people getting larger in numbers with the first level on Control The Largest Companies before soon the milestones of mass production helping you opening the next level with other sections appropriate to improving your dominace of ruling the globe by resetting lackeys or upgrading them as the Plant Fake News in The Media and Make Friends with The Reptilians may seems to be effortlessly gaining millions of followers as you got the bonuses from the clock-ads or tap-wired words of wisdom. With Man in Black, Draco or Malcalypse The Older as the music background turning on the ordinary days to most exciting times to play games with this one. 
Pop Idols, war vendors, scaly-skinned aliens as well as mind controls over wi-fi and intrigues to conspiracy theory might be the superior billionaire ranked until you finishing all the tests and the world is saved. Guided by the bright triangle one eyed smile …