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Winner None (United Artists/Polydor 1983)

   About the middle decades of the Cold War events racing between two super-power countries as this science-fiction written film by Lawrence Lasker and directed by John Badham – Wargames features Matthew Broderick, Ally Sheedy and Dabney Coleman begins with the risky drill of nuclear attacks as many US Air Force missiles controllers were unwilling required turn off the keys making Dr. John McKittrick with his system engineering team changed the control centers to be automatically no human intervention by switching it over to the NORAD central computer or War Operation Plan Response (WORP) as the simulation run war programs keep on continued until David Lightman the bright but lazy high school student breaking his school district computer system to changes his and girlfriend’s Jennifer Mack grades better but went wrong after he found out a war dealing game company computer in Sunnyvale, CA connected to the unknown system showing him lists of chess, backgammon or poker and something strangely interesting “Theaterwide Biotoxic and Chemical Warfare” to “Global Thermonuclear War”.
   Interesting to proceed then David’s friends explanatory of the backdoor password tracking down of Falken’s Maze to get the dead son’s named Joshua as the password the WORP connected phone  numbers to Sunnyvale to the Cheyenne mountain complex sets immediately on in reality as David starts to gaming on Global Thermonuclear War as The Sovyet Union. 
   WarGames is a sci-fi comedy movie went exactly wrong as school kids accidentally turning on the nuclear system weaponry that will starting WW III as Arthur B. Rubenstein composing the musical soundtrack original motion picture tunes within the suspense, funny thrilling, mysterious and anxiety threats feelings towards the filming scenes characters event within Home Movie, Proncipal’s Office, Nuclear Alert, Maneuvers, Time’s Up on to It Might Be Real or Edge of The World (Choral version) as all these instrumental orchestrated tunes music with the delighted vocals on some parts by Yvonne Elliman given the audience the rest of the climax story on how David, did messing up with a massive soviet strikes by hundred missiles, submarines and bombers as the panicked staff generals and the believing NORAD preparing the counter attacks but the using of brute-force obtain a launch code as retaliation from WORP can be stopped as David, Falken and Jennifer convince the US military officials cancelled by the no winning scenario obtains a stalemates as being force to changes it concepts on playing a more nicer game like chess as then, the WORP relinquished and removes for the world be saved.