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Wild Volcano (Aneurisma Records 2014)

   For the glorified of Grunge Rock and Alternative distorting Stoner Rock new breathing tempos found for the continuity on Modern Rock genre even Granada got their own version out of the format influenced by Kyuss and Bluesy Punk non-popularity on Pearl Jam’s recipe onto this releasing recording entitled - Sweet Involution Theory.
Little may remains known to them as identifying members for this regular rockers but the music presented here within thus twelve tracks on the lists sounding pretty much filling within awareness of high techniques and corporate constructs as their far-cousins from the North American plate deserving the applause along with Mother Gun as well; the domesticated of great side infection for Americanization over the Rock turf musicale in Spain regions might delivers more international acts performance like the local turning their wings expanding wider. 
   The Savannah, The Old man, Mogwai in Chains, Electricity or Then God Created The Drums really interesting to follow as if you’re also into the Classic Rock of the 70’s base, more guitar music recording and distorts to Grunge or Stoner Rock salutation fans shall really really loving this one before the atomic disaster strikes !

Sweet Involution Theory: