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Wild Stars (Def Jam Recordings 2015)

   Born as Alessia Caracciolo as she loves to writing down poetry and performing theater when still young; the suburb of Greater Toronto area girl with her dark curly hair may stunning your ears when suddenly, then – one heard about this female performer as her great high talents and awesome vocals resonance through her debut album as Alessia Cara releasing the record calls Know-It-All as well that she also playing guitars and already before making lots of cover versions of hits songs but now on her own Hip-Hop, Pop-Rock and Indie-Pop sounds and casual everyone can also listening to her sweet music and yummy voice via Outlaws, Pour Pink Walls, Overdose, Here and Seventeen for more tunes available there.
Slow-jamming, a bit faster Electro-Dance onto the Rn’B roots vocals really cannot seems to hiding the very best of this young artists now turning a bit popular and having her own stereo-type of hits singing by plenty more people whom wanted to be like her too …