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Weightless Crust (DogJob Records 2005)

   Audrey Horne is the Norwegian mixture on Alternative Metal, Hard Rock and Post-Grunge system sounds band consisting on Arve Isdal, Espen Lien, Kjetil Greve, Thomas Tofthagen and Torkjell Rod releasing their first killer album debut for No Hay Banda which showing you the interesting modern rock vocals with the instant taste of melodic rock musical over the picturing hands a hold the lilies as the manifestations over the tragic events happening and written as imaginable themes towards the dynamic living issues around their home-country. 

   One can loving them as much as rhythmic distorts on The Sweet Taste of Revenge, Blackhearted Visions or Deathhorse and Get A Rope shared a shed-depressing and romantic over a fact that they're coming from one of the safest place/country on the planet with less crimes percentages, good governance, prison system based on humanity relationship or uniting to build a better nation kinds of basic developing educated different from other places but still as the progressive rocking themes of enlightenment and darkness negativity clashing here beyond recognition - the beach shoot-out massacre still haunting the citizen and for that - Audrey Horne (whom taken their identity names based on the character off twin peaks serial) knows that peace is not an option ... 

No Hay Banda: