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Waterfalls (Topshelf Records 2017)

   Americanised or Seattle – Washington kinds of Indie emotional or Dreamo as you might calling them as a band whose protecting the personal experiences with the useful written lyrics as stories to tell and explaining over songs and the releasing product on an album which then, being called as Andy Costello, Jacob Whinihan, Josh Davis, Lizzy Costello and Sebastien Deramat consisted their presence as Special Explosion releasing To Infinity.
   Alternative slower tunes with melodic grooves and positive layers of penetration to staying Pop on top but didn’t really abusing themselves in the process that taken a bit longer than the way it goes or happening in the reality as engineered and mixed good by Mike Vernon Davis resonance the intrigue of plural lives and sorrow problems being cured softly to resurrects via Wet Dream, Perfect Song, Cats, Going My Way onto Your Bed and Gladiator must be the essential quietness meet the harmony pleasure to gain happiness and sing-along like whispering towards the tormenting daily breathing level not to build nice houses but settled down permanent in peace gathered …

To Infinity: